Martial Arts Tips : How to Perform a Front Kick in Taekwondo

Martial Arts Tips : How to Perform a Front Kick in Taekwondo

Hi everybody. I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teachers Association and This is the front kick in Tae Kwon Do. My
basis is Tae Kwon Do. It’s a kicking style. I love to kick. This is a great subject. Let’s
take a looks at this. Front kick, very simply, typically comes off the rear leg. It’s going
to travel underneath the body and then snap back. There’s four parts to every kick. But
before we get to those parts, let’s talk a little bit about kicking. I want to prevent
my leg from getting caught. So the four parts are one, we’re going to chamber or fold the
knee up and aim that knee right at my target. Number two we’re going to extend right in
to the target. Boom, there it is! Three is really important. That’s were we rechamber
or refold the kick so that we don’t get it caught. In other words, I don’t want to kick
and drop it because that’s going to get caught and I’m in trouble. I want to kick and snap
that leg right back down. So one – fold, two – extend, three – refold and four – set down.
We we strike with the front kick, look at my foot, I want to strike with the ball of
the foot. The foot is extended but I’m hitting with the ball of the foot. Here’s a great
way to learn how to do that. When you’re sitting at home, your at the beach, your watching
TV, sit down, point your toes. Pull just the toes back and curl them in just a tad. That’s
your front kick foot position. From here pull the foot all the way back. This is your back
kick, side kick, round kick foot positioning. Point, toes back, foot back. Point, toes back,
foot back. Alright. So when we fold the kick, it’s going to be hear. As the leg extends,
the foot will extend. Again, when I fold the kick, part 1, ball of the foot’s back. As
the kick extends, the foot will extend. Let’s take a look at it. Finally all power in martial
arts coming from the hips. So now as I extend the kick, you’re going to see my hips thrust.
That’s called a hip drive. I want to drive the hips and the kick. Here we go. On one.
Hold a chair if you need too. I may need to. One – we’re going to fold. Bring the foot
up under the knee. Look from the side. It’s under the knee. I’m not doing this. I want
the weapon, my foot, always traveling to the opponent. So it’s going to go right out underneath.
Two – we’re going to extend the kick. Before you do that, let’s thrust the hips. Thrust.
Thrust. Okay now I’m going to thrust and kick. Thrust and kick. Kick. Refold. And set down.
Let’s try it again. Fold. Thrust and kick. Thrust and kick! Refold and set down. This
time when you lock it out, breath out. Short, sharp from below in the stomach. Ready. One
– kick, refold, set down. Last one – fold, kick, refold and set down. That’s front kick.
I’m John Graden. Thanks.


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