Martial Arts Tips : How to Develop Your Chi in Martial Arts

Martial Arts Tips : How to Develop Your Chi in Martial Arts

Hi everybody, I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teachers Association and How do you develop your Ki or Chi power through
the martial arts. First let’s define what Chi or Ki is. It is your inner energy. It
is an energy that we all have within us, and through the martial arts and other various
techniques, as you become masterful we learn to tap into that Chi, tap into that Ki and
help improve our lives. To me, you’re reaching a level of Chi power and Ki power when you’re
outer world reflects your inner world. In other words, if I have and idea, if have a
concept, if I have a motto of the world that is one of resilient optimism, resilient optimism.
What does resilient optimism mean? Resilient means that when you get knocked down, you
get back up. As the Japanese say, fall down 7 times, get up 8. That’s resilient optimism.
My optimism is resilient, so when I’m faced with life’s challenges, I use my inner force,
I use my mind power, I use my motto of the world that I developed, not the one that was
programed into me by me by my parents or society, the one that I developed through the martial
arts to help me get up 8 times. So we use this inner strength in all areas of our life.
For instance, I’m often asked, “have you ever used your martial arts?” people typically
ask that wanting to hear a great fight story, “yeah, I knocked 8 guys out, and”, no. My
answer is always this; “I use my martial arts every single day”; I use my martial arts every
single day. It’s an expression of who I am. This level of Chi power, this level of Ki
power, doesn’t necessarily come initially. All beginning students have it, but through
the martial arts we learn to cultivate it. How do we learn to cultivate it? Some various
technique that I’ve enjoyed through the year to help me to really spend some time with
my self. 1, is meditation; when I’m meditating I’m relaxing the body, and meditation is interesting
because, I’m typically focused on one word, it’s called a mantra, I’m just repeating it
over and over again, typically it’s like, ummm. But various meditation techniques have
various different mantras that help you to relax your mind. See we want to get a quiet
mind. A lot of people today, when you think about ideas of road rage, and they have a
coping mechanism that goes from, kind of a day to day life, instantly to anger and violence,
so they bypass all these various coping suggestions and strategies, and they go right into rage.
Well martial artist have tremendous ability to cope with challenges, and martial artists
have tremendous ability to have a resilient optimism. To me that’s the beauty of the martial
arts, that’s the Ki power that I use every single day. Remember, dreams are not built
on cynicism, dreams are not build on pessimism, dreams are only built on optimism. Martial
arts have tremendous optimism, they have great confidence. I’m John Graden, I hope that helps
you. Thank you.


89 thoughts on “Martial Arts Tips : How to Develop Your Chi in Martial Arts”

  • What he speaks of is bull. PURE BULL. Just marketing crap. There is chi, I know there is since I used it as a deciding factor in a fight. I not saying you can shoot laser with it. But it helps in a way thats too difficult to explain. This guy, is just pulling bull. Traditionalist Kung Fu for the win

  • Please a bit of respect this guy has extensive experience and trained with the best . Maybe he could skip explaining complex concepts in a 3 m vid but believe he is no moron .

  • epicsshugyo is right its real, u just need to put your mind to it, go to you back garden and try controling the wind.

  • i actually quite aggre 4 me it depends on the tone of the music and my body just reacts like charged up or sumthin if i had the opportunity id love big giant speakers playing my motivative or….. rage songs…..

  • actually both are real if you think of it if you get an andrenaline rush plus a already power ful body (via training) plus chi to aug ment it the you coul beat any thing up it depends onmly in speed and strategy run or fight or both……..

  • well, he isnt saying jackshit actually.
    MEDITATE is the only good advice.

    And i have to diagree with you on the fact that no outsiders know the way. there are too many wannabees out there.

  • yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh flower power mannnnnnnnnnn, lift a joint and thatll help u meditate, one of my mutherfuckin joints will leave u in ur own quiet meditatin mind for hours, or try a bong dudddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • @jakker1000 I understand this guy was among the first in the USA to help bring martial arts on the big screen. He used to be real badass when he was younger. But still, you're not a black belt. Maybe in the US, but not in Asia. You lack credentials. First thing, you underestimate people, second off, you don't know what respect is. Ask yourself, do you know anything about korean history and script? A martial artist also defines him-/herself through respect to others and our history and culture

  • SteveIsTheMan1990 says:

    vague fluffy duffy hippie pseudo bullshit. let's define chi, it's an inner energy. wow. and thats as far as he goes.

  • There are a lot of things we as humans do not understand about the human mind and soul but I think there is something to BIokinesis. It sometimes hard to separate mysticism from fact but Mr. Einstein said "logic will get you from A to B but imagination can take you everywhere else". Ho Oo Ryu beyond the physical. Osu

  • yes this is true,by my outer look in my house u can see that i leave the was up and so is my innerself often filled with dirty was i have to work on seriously thats how shrinks look at u to.if ur house is a mess u probably are to inside right?thanks dear friend for posting this.

  • u are a great guy. too bad i knew this stuff already, but for people who are just beginning to learn its real good i guess.

    greetings from germany

  • @KickingAssDaily
    Not if the people are reincarnating. I am sure there is an ultimate world, where there is only Spirit. I am almost sure there are many other planes above and below the physical one. In this there are like 6 billions people, but maybe there are realms with only thousands. Human beings are split in the realms above, according to their spiritual level, yogis say and it makes sense. And don't you think that when a human is born he comes out of nowhere and we have increased populati

  • on! He just came from another realm. To be in a physical body, a soul have to have very high consciousness, unless that soul is an organ or a cell or something and not the soul for who the body exists in to manifest him/herself in this world. A human soul I think had many lives, not only human ones, but from the lowest forms of life, passing into bodies and worlds higher and higher, until the soul begun to manifest in this world as a human.

  • @KickingAssDaily

    Yogis, astral travelers and occultists say it is true. If my memory is right, once i totally understood the process. I don't have time to find the explanation again, though.

  • @KickingAssDaily
    There are stories about astral travel. There are photos and videos of ghosts. Yes, they can all be fake, but you cannot be sure even of what you see right now if you are going to search for the truth like this. You can't distinguish an illusion from reality unless if you know through other means than your physical senses that is true.To a little child you have to show him 10 sticks on the left side and 8 on the right, then to approach them to make him/her understand that10+8=18

  • @KickingAssDaily
    Did you learned all the math at school with sticks?

    Once you know some truths, you can deduct others.

    Have you ever thought about if some truths can be learned simply through abstract rationalizing, and then you can deduct others, that couldn't be found otherwise?

  • Figus Heimunschplit says:

    So you prefer a thousand year old concept rather than scientific findings?

    Using the word "chi" or "qi" is misleading, as if there is a supernatural or unidentifiable force in action. It's basic psychology and physics, unless you can source some alternative evidence?

  • Figus Heimunschplit says:

    This has nothing to do with East or West, it has to do with real and imaginary. Anybody that has been around a gym long enough knows that there's nothing supernatural going on, just talent and hard work. If you believe that you can generate and use some kind of internal force that is conjured by your mind, then your just deluded.

  • Jeremy Deschner says:

    Magical Martial Arts? Complete bullshit. If you can be talked in to this you can be talked into some gay sex or Mormonism.

  • IF you dont believe this, you do not believe in feelings. if you dont believe in feelings you are a robot. if you are a robot The Matrix Has you !

  • i bet your a fucking retarted mainstream idiot who hates on anything that isnt american or is different, chi energy istn magic, it is simple inner power, nothing special, im sorry for calling you that, but before you hate, why dont you try to take shaolin, you would probably die from hardcore training

  • The chi of your body is the brain in complete concentration of having the nervous system sending an extra bolt of electricity to your muscles. That's why you feel so much more power when you use your chi in a fight. It seriously feels like you have a magical super power.

  • so hes basically saying he uses chi mentally not physically so chi is basically just a way with coping with everyday life struggles and always keeping calm and accept life's challenge and find the best possible way to deal with it you can calmly so chi itself doasnt exist spiritially or physically and what hes explaining is not chi its just staying calm everyone can be calm if they just accept things as they are and get on with life

  • chi and qi just translates into energy. Its nothing mystical/ magical. It simply means energy. But because most martial artist don't have degrees in psychology or physics, and the martial arts systems generally aren't American or English, they do use dated concepts. Because its easier to understand than getting a degree in psychology. trust me, I tried.

  • No.

    Real martial artists will tell you that 'ki balls' and 'ki telekinesis' are nonsense.
    Some claim they can produce ki balls but they are full of it.

    Whatever Ki (Chi, Qi…) is, ki training really works to make you healthier and stronger.

    Mind you, you do not have to believe it's something 'spiritual', there are still many secrets to the human body. There dare diverse philosophies and theories on Ki.

    Qigong and Taichi and some trainings in Aikido help you developing your Ki.

  • Pablo Villaseñor says:

    Ki is peace, correct, but also physical power in combat. I do not preach optimism, but Ninniku Seishin (ninja spirit of stillness).

  • Pablo Villaseñor says:

    The words -might- be charged with energy of ancient times, and their repetition might put you in the same channel as those energies, or might invoke those energies.

  • paxwallacejazz says:

    I've heard it's not my chi/ki or yours really its just always there in nature and that we can train ourselves to focus chi . It strikes me that yes you are not incorrect in anything you've said but somehow it's just a little off . Like still striving and becoming instead of just being and drawing power from being empty and nothing special . peace 🙂

  • if you want to beat anyone be a professional mixed martial arts (mma)
    this will help you in any place even in street

  • Of course it will but.. Only if you practice 'Day & Night' For the next 13 years, You might just get their if you 'BELIEVE' Anyways Let me know how your getting on the second 13 years pass' =D Glad I Could Help

  • No no he's not a mcdojo master that's absurd in reality this man is a well know bullshitsu master and he's very good at his art of bullshitting people

  • How can you get up 8 times if you fall down 7 you're already standing then get knocked down for every time you're knocked down you have to stand up

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