Martial Arts Tips : How to Avoid a Fight Like a Martial Artist

Martial Arts Tips : How to Avoid a Fight Like a Martial Artist

Hi everybody, I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association and How do you avoid a fight like a martial artist?
Well very simply. A martial artist has confidence, a martial artist has confidence. When you
reach the level of confidence that you don’t feel the need to prove yourself then you get
into what I call “a quiet mind”. Your mind becomes quiet about these things. In other
words, for a lot of people, they have one coping mechanism and that is to fight, or
to get angry, or to yell or to scream. A martial artist has a spectrum of coping mechanisms,
and it takes a long time to get to the point where there’s going to be a physical altercation.
A martial artist has that inner confidence that first, we’re very good at observing.
We’re very good at avoiding situations that are going to lead to potential confrontation.
James Colburn, I think, said it best, “Always avoid places where there’s big ego and lots
of alcohol, when they’re mixed together, you’ve got a potent mix for potential trouble”. So
distance is always your best defense. I try and simply stay out of those places, or if
I’m in those places I’m very aware of my surroundings, I’m very aware of where the exit is. I’m also
very aware of the more aggressive personalities that I’m seeing in the room and I simply maintain
distance and maintain observation. I’m never in a place where I feel the need to prove
myself. I’m a highly skilled martial artist, I’m an 8th degree black belt from one of the
best instructors in the world, that’s a lot of skill. But you would never know it, you
would never see it. I’ve had tons of confrontations since 1974 when I started martial arts and
none of them have led to a fight, not a single one. So walking away, maintaining my dignity,
maintaining my personal strength, is very easy for me to do. Again, the reason is, the
martial arts gives you that inner confidence that allows you to be happy with yourself
and you’re not compelled to try and prove yourself in potentially dangerous situations.
So if you’re not in the martial arts, act as if you were a black belt and walk away.
If you’re beginning in martial arts and you’re in those situations, act as if you were a
Master. What would a Master do right now? A Master would not engage, a Master would
leave. I’m John Graden, I hope that helps. It’s an interesting subject, one of my favorites,


55 thoughts on “Martial Arts Tips : How to Avoid a Fight Like a Martial Artist”

  • Christian Metatron says:

    Thank you John. Very wise words. Too many men throw the first punch and regret the consequences soon afterward.

  • I agree only use what i have learnt to proyect my way of life my land and those precious to me and to defend my self…..

  • you know i walked away from a fight but the guy pushed me and cause me to fall injuring myself . trust me it was on. i got him, he got me we both lost but hes the one that walked away from the fight like a little girl

  • you are 14… shouldt talk like that if you dont study martial arts……but when you study m a you are despicable with such a stupid statement

  • Neither of us will ever know if he truly is a master unless we fight him. So you can't say he has a big ego. Perhaps he is a master. Perhaps he does have a big ego. Perhaps he's just acknowledging his status as a Master. Perhaps he's just blowing his own horn. We'll never know.

  • So you're saying if I'm a Master in my field, I should say to people "No, I'm an amateur, talk to that guy *Points to another person*"

  • Because not everyone is of the same skill level. You won't receive quality advice/help (usually) from someone of amateur status than one of master status (once again, usually). Plus, a person with Master status has more credibility. You can know (more easily) who actually knows what they're talking about. I could start lecturing you about something I have 0 knowledge about. Does it make my information correct? No. You'd rather accept someone learned in the given field. Thus status/Label whatever

  • Aron Óttarsson says:

    at my scool 2 bullys are always picking on me and i always did the exact same thing as he said now they dont pick on me nearly as much a good tip is if u are at scool and someone is picking on you just tell any teacher,principal or hall gaurd they do everything they can to help you

  • thats why if i go and pick a fight…or a fight goes and picks me..i always let the opponent strick first…so then when i slap the sugar honey ice tea out of the guy…my only excuss is "i was defending myself cause he/she hit me first"

  • @dangkoen i rather fight then get teased ''WHIMP'' for 6months XD
    Me Learned New Move! 😀 ''Shuto Iz Awesome!!!''

  • There's more martial arts in this video than in most things I've seen here on YT. He's saying the same stuff there as my dad did when I was a kid and taught me. hahaha.

  • @goofy1455 martial arts isnt about kicking somones ass for fun , martial arts is about kicking somones ass, because you have no other choice, self defence not an attack

  • Rusty Shacklford says:

    i do this all the time, when i go to a new place where there are people i dont, i find where exits are and a rough head count of people in the room in about 10 secs of walking threw the door

  • Walking away from a fight shows that you are in control, not the other way around.
    First thing i did was:use all your strength and velocity to grib said bully`s throat, take a wide grip and just show that you are strong by forcing the bully to the ground.
    Personal experience.


  • theres a point in wich u have the right to knock him out,such as physical contact,enough lip from someone,or someone hurting ur gf or anyone incapable of defending themself

  • People here talking about this guy's not been in a fight and how their badass, yet their looking at a video on how to avoid fights…

  • @goonrider37 well like that guy said in the video, a martial artist always walks away but if you was in that situation and got touched by the kid then yea you should of karate kicked him into next week, i don't care what nobody says, you don't o nothing unlless your opponent puts his hands on you, if you're touched then guess he asked for it, so you should of gave him what he asked for

  • oneironaut alien says:

    @renzokata hehe im not saying U ARE one but its cool ppl realize this, i think its mature and cleans the world from hate, damage and bad stuff hehe

  • oneironaut alien says:

    @RSmonsterz He should have added that reputation is no matter for a martial artist, if u avoid a fight and u know u COULD have beaten the guy, who cares about that Information?

  • @infectedkoozer people don't like to walk away because they don't want to be seen as afraid. i personally don't like to get into fights not because i am afraid but because i am afraid of where the fight could go. i don't take any course of action lightly but once i've made up my mind-i'll go there all the way, i'll throw everything away and fight to the death if i have to. i know the brutal reality of real combat and i try to stay away from it. i have a heart.

  • Why get into real fights? You maybe good enough to win a real fight but you may not win your next fight, The law.

  • Tigerpaws9097826 says:

    @MrRazbean This is one of those areas I think where intention is everything. If you want to better understand the message here, odds are good that you ultimately will. There's something in you that recognizes the truth of it already, or else the message wouldn't hold appeal.

  • Tigerpaws9097826 says:

    @LemonZeppelin Agreed! I remember Mr. Miyagi in the old "Karate Kid" films once telling Daniel, "Best defense is no be there when fight happens."

  • I have never been in a any kind of self defense or marital arts class and i already have a very calm mind when in sticky situations. i would never elevate a situation or i would never fight unless i was physically assaulted.

  • @eugene680 Not everybody is afraid of the law. I actually would have responded sooner, but I spent the last 3 months in jail. Not proud of it. Shit happens though. I don't assault people for no reason, but I do get into fights. Oh and if you plan on calling the cops when you get your ass beat, don't get into a fight. They're easy to avoid as I'm sure /-this-/ guy can tell you. Meditations On Violence by Rory Miller also explains quite well.

  • Hello. I can't believe that the philosophy that I developed during a year of training in Japanese Jujitsu is the same as an 8th degree black belt. I have had several situations in school at which i could engage, neutralise a "bully" and go to the principal's office :D. But instead of falling down to a level where i can't control myself and do what he wants(which is fight) I actually win without fighting because his goal was not met and my goal was(which is to be left alone). I'm 16 by the way.

  • I actually wonder if there is someone stubborn enough to make me fight him or will i have to enter competitions to have an actual fight and use Jujitsu…

  • Calmness is part of my philosophy and who I am and what I look up to in life. The world would be peaceful if we looked towards the calmness, confidence, humility and serenity.

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