Martial Arts Self Defense : Self-Defense Against an Underhand Stab

Martial Arts Self Defense : Self-Defense Against an Underhand Stab

Hi I am Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial
Art in Middle, Tennessee on behalf of Expert Village. This is defense from an underhand stab. I don’t usually deal with this one a
whole lot. I just can’t see myself doing that but we have had some issues with someone getting
severely injured in our area trying to stop a mugging so we are going to deal with that
today. He’s coming from underhand stab and I am doing the same outside defense that I
do for any type of strike from anywhere but here I am adding to it so I am getting my
hips out away from the blade. Because even if they are hitting me this way there is a
screw driver or a knife or something there and I need to haul off and hit. To stop this
I want to grab on to this and immediately turn this on to a grappling match as much
as possible. I would like to say for people who have students who do any grappling that
after they get the technique have the person fight it for them. Have them turn it to a
wrestling match. Don’t do it the same way every time. Have them go through all the options
of what is going to happen and make it be sloppy in a real fight. From here I’m just
going to try to send hi to his face with an arm bar type of situation, just pulling back
and just dropping my weight on his arm. From here I will just lay my knee on top of his
weapon hand, T-shirt chokes, or whatever I need to do depending on the situation.


2 thoughts on “Martial Arts Self Defense : Self-Defense Against an Underhand Stab”

  • this doesnt work
    this guys have never been in a fight in their lives
    the only decent advise against a knife attack is bas rutten´s

  • in our class i tried this and it turned into a grappling match and i got killed-there has to a better method out there than this-

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