Martial Arts Self Defense : How to Disarm an Attacker with a Stick

Hi, I’m Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial
Arts of Middle Tennessee here on behalf of Expert Village. This is stick-versus-stick
Stick-versus-stick disarm there are all kinds of crazy … you know, like if he swings…
block and grab and strip. A lot of very complicated stuff that I would never try in a fight. All
we’re doing right now is what some people might call “meet the force.” You might hear
more traditional schools call it “de-fanging the snake.,” or all sorts of things. He’s
swinging at me. All I’m trying to do is crack his knuckles and break his hand on the way
through to get him to drop that stick and then I continue my attack. So… again. I’m
just breaking his knuckles as he comes through. Easy technique. Nothing hard about it …
I just have to get my range. I’m coming back away from the swing as I’m hitting him there.


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