Martial Arts Self Defense : Controlling a Club Attack with Self-Defense

Martial Arts Self Defense : Controlling a Club Attack with Self-Defense

Hi. I’m Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial
Arts of Middle, Tennessee, here on behalf of Expert Village. Alright, this is a defense
against club swing, attack and control. Alright, here’s a club defense. Let’s assume that I’m,
well ready or not ready, it doesn’t really matter in here. So my hands are up, I’m ready,
and the swing comes and I need to be inside the arc here. I need to be inside it. So,
I’m going to do two things. I’m going to make sure I’m protected all through here and I’m
bringing my shoulder up, just like I would if I’m throwing a jab. I’m taking my shoulder
up to roll over my chin to protect it. And this hand will be up, ready to come across
if I need it. But I’m just thinking about laying my forearm and breaking his collar
bone. I want to hit him that hard. So, I’m laying into him as hard as I can. If I catch
eye gouges on the way through, that’s perfect. And immediately from there, I’m going to slide
down and I’m just locking his wrist. I’m just touching my chest with my hand and just trying
to keep this still. As long as this is still, I’m okay. Side clinch here, keeping my elbow
down to keep him from trying to go for, to keep him from going to my legs here. So, I’ll
just keep that and push. Knees to the groin. Knees to the face. Remember, I can knee him
to the body, but he can block that, he can take one of those. Just to get my leg, go
for a single leg. If I’m kneeing to the face, he’s pretty much got to commit to that block.
So groin strikes, knees to the head. Once I get there, grab, pull straight down and
it’s my weapon now.


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