Martial Arts : Judo Techniques

Martial Arts : Judo Techniques

Hi, my name is Mike Lewis from Christian Martial
Arts. We’re going to talk today about some Judo techniques. Pretty much we will be talking
about three basic throws. The first is O goshi and Taiotoshi and then O soto gari. First
starting out with O goshi which is a hip throw. If your opponent, you’re locked up with your
opponent, what you do is you’re going to drop your center of gravity below his center of
gravity in order to get him up into your hip and be able to push him over. So you can actually,
of course depending on the rules to grabbing around the head and etc., I grab underneath
the arm here, I twist in to make sure my body is twisted in the direction that I want him,
that I want to throw him, I’m going to lower my hips underneath his so that I’ll be able
to pick him up onto my back. It’s an execution to where his body weight is coming in towards
me and all I’m doing is I’m dropping my body weight low enough to be able pick him up off
the ground using his momentum also to flip him over. The next throw that we’re going
to talk about is Taoitoshi and it’s pretty, pretty much the same thing as far as direction
goes. His body is coming in towards me and he’s going to end up on the other side. So
this time though you have to pay attention to footwork. His foot steps across the centerline
of his body. There’s a invisible line that sorts of splits his body in half, he steps
across. Maybe he’s going for an O soto gari or throw himself and all I do is take his
arms and his body and twist and then just take out his leg as he goes around. His body
weight comes in towards me, it ends up over here to other side. The next throw is an O
soto gari, that’s where he’s come again but I’m off balancing him backwards. So instead
of crossing his little centerline, he steps straight forward, towards me. We’re locked
up together, I come in with my right leg, I’m also using my upper body; my shoulder,
my chest and everything to push him back and then sweep out the leg. Very important that
you get the body off balance. If you don’t, you’re pretty much in the same position. Just
to show that, he moves his foot forward, we’re locked up together. From here, we’re in the
same position, he can throw me back, I can throw him back. So it’s very important that
you are the first one to get the off balance. So there’s the three basic Judo throws that
you’ll see; O goshi, Taoitoshi and O soto gari.


5 thoughts on “Martial Arts : Judo Techniques”

  • Ogoshi brings the hand around the waist. You demonstrated O Soto Makikomi instead of Tai otoshi. You say to use your shoulder and upper body to get your opponent off balance for O soto gari. A proper throw or sweep is done by directing your uke one way, so he tries to correct his balance you "help him along" and complete your throw "Maximum Efficiency, Minimum effort" never force anything as it's easy to become the uke from the tori. good description about dropping your center of balance.

  • that is not an Ogoshi! and by the way… why don't you show the entire tecnique? Is it because your friend is afraid to fall or because you can't pick him up?

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