Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Superman Punch

Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Superman Punch

Hi I’m John Graden for the Martial Arts Teacher’s
Association and this is what I consider to be a crazy technique. I kind of figured this
out on my own years ago and I called it the Kamakazi Technique. My good friend, Jerry
Jones who runs a great mixed martial arts school in New Jersey, I asked him one day
what it was called and he called it The Superman Punch. Here’s how it works. There is a difference
in the Superman Punch and the Kamakazi are the same but to me it is Kamakazi because
you are really wide open here either it works or you are in trouble. The idea is that I
want to set my opponent up and so if we were moving around and I’m firing a back leg kick
or I’m firing a back leg round kick and I’m getting in to this motion and they are seeing
this motion as part of my fight rhythm, as part of my fighting arsenal and then in time
what is going to happen is in slow motion I’m going to start that action and then from
here push off and throw a really hard right hand. I have seen many fighters knocked out
with this but I have also seen many people doing these Superman/Kamakazi Techniques get
taken to the ground immediately because you are really off balance on one leg. So you
have got to practice this and make sure it is done quickly and effectively so joining
me from Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts is Joe Brignoli. So we are kind of moving and I’m
kicking him in the leg and I’m kicking him in the ribs and I’m just getting him into
this action and typically I like to throw them low so that maybe this hand will drop
just a little bit and so eventually I fake it and then the Kamakazi/Superman Punch comes
through so you can see why I call it Kamakazi because if I miss I am in really big trouble
here so he can take me down and do all kinds of nasty things to me so that is the Kamakazi
or Superman Punch. Thank you. I’m John Graden. For more information contact me at


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