Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Bo Staff Palm Spin Techniques

Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Bo Staff Palm Spin Techniques

Hi my name is Calab Labarda, I am here with
Expert Village, and today I’m going to be going over beginning Bo staff. Alright, next
we are going to be going over palm spins, ok. Now I have with me, I set my Bo staff
down, I have with me it’s called an escrima which is a short Filipino fighting stick and
this is perfect to practice with. This is what your palm is going to look like, your
going to take your Bo and put it above your head and spin it on your palm, just like that,
it’s going to rotate. Ok now the escrima is good practice, just so you can get the feel
of it, get the feel of balance, ok you just want to learn how to do all that and keep
it moving around and spin. You want to build momentum, good. So once you get that down,
go ahead and pick up you r Bo, this is a really cool move you are going to do, you can go
from helicopter spin one, through your fingers and come back across two, and palm spin all
above the head. So one more time from here, one, two and palm spin above the head. Alright
so now this is how we are going to go through it. You are going to have it on this side,
ok, take your two fingers over here, go through the fingers, helicopter spin go switch sides,
I do that do build up momentum and pull all the way back. Alright do it, you are going
to take the Bo and do it and put your hand as flat as possible right above your head,
ok if it’s tilted in any direction, your Bo is going to fall off. So from here you are
going to go up and spin the Bo all around in a circle and catch it between your thumb
and your first finger and bring it down. Alright so again one, two back across and then you
can do it really quick and you can do some strikes, one, two, three come across one and
then palm spin, two-alah-and it’s a good catch. And that’s going to be a really nice part
you can add and it will look real good in the beginning, you can throw out your comments
together ok from here you go around the back, into the air go try a helicopter all the way
into a palm spin and back. And that’s going to be your palm spin, practice that, that
one is going to take a lot of practice, it’s kind of difficult. You will drop it a bunch
of times, sometimes it is going to fall on your head so you’re just going to have to
watch it. The best way to do it is in front of a mirror, if you have a mirror to watch
yourself, cause you don’t want to look up all the time at it, because when you are going
you want to be able to look at the direction you’re going so you just want to be able to
spin it right above your head without looking. Alright so use a mirror that’s going to be
real helpful for you.


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