Magic Broom | Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Tamil | Season 1 Episode 13

Magic Broom | Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Tamil | Season 1 Episode 13

LA.. LA..LA…LA….LA…LA…LA.. LA..LA…LA….LA…LA… .LOOK AT YOU,YOU ARE SOOO LAZY WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME ? WHY HAVE YOU COME HERE? I JUST THOUGHT I SHOULD GIVE YOU SOMETHING……. WHAT IS THAT ??? HMMM…..HOW DOES THIS THING WORK ,COME ON? NOW I WILL TEACH ALL MY ENEMIES SUCH A LESSON THAT THEY WILL NEVER FORGET THEIR ENTIRE LIVES… WATCH OUT BHEEM HERE I COME KALIA IS INFACT THE BIGGEST IDIOT ANYONE CAN KNOWS NOT ONLY IDIOT BUT DUMB AND UGLY LOOKING LOUD MOUTH TOO LOOK AT BHEEM HE IS SO CLEVER, BRAVE AND INTELLIGENT LETS GO TO CHUTKI AND ASK FOR SOME LADDOOS? I AM SURE THAT SHE WILL……. She Will What U Stupid ? That sounded like kalia’s voice !! but where is he?? am getting scared……. idiot…….ok……so this is what you guy’s do…you talk bad things about me behind my back Never mind today I will not beat you guy’s up… today I plan to show Bheem and his friends something very new Kalia, Kalia, please teach us also how to fly on this stick. Even we want to see the fun you have Ya ya sure sure, you are my best friend no… on one hand you are praising Bheem and Chutki and abusing me… and now you want to have fun with me… nothing doing Dholu Bholu, you both deserve nothing… just wait here and enjoy the fun when you get to hear it from others. now it is your turn my dear friend Kalia …. I will not leave you stupid man ha… ha… I am the greatest …. I am Invincible We don’t know what happened to our pots just broke and we saw someone flying above us For a moment we thought it was kalia he sounded a lot like him…. He had a magical broom with him… A magical Broom??? What is the matter my child? Did I hear you say Magical Broom, a boy flying a magical Broom? Who is this boy? What is his name??? Can you tell me everything about him in detail? Hummm…mm…Stupid silly Kalia Dumb fools, I am most and powerfull and intelligent man on his planet Oh … oh.. oh… this rope is hurting me What is this… its so painful… Oh …oo… my poor tail is getting hurt wait wait… don’t worry when I raise my hand you just pull the rope to this side understand Pull ha ha ha…. They think they can pull me down… how silly…. pull pull…. Come on pull harder Go on go on… pullllll Here … catch… catch… catch Is that boy’s name Kalia?? Yes he is!! He has made life hell for everyone in Dholakpur My name is Bheem… Uh! Strange where did she go?? Ye …ye…ye hey what’s wrong with you …Obey me orders!!! Thank God …lucky me you are in control now He he he my dear boy Kalia… you have had enough fun now…. Just return this broom back to me, im its owner… And if you wish to live any longer stay away from this broom….. I cannot take away this broom from any person without fighting with him and if I do so then that person will be badly hurt as he will have to loose…. Or else the broom will loose its magical powers… Do you want to get hurt kalia? What do you want?? Just leave the broom stick and walk away… Kalia if you just drop it the broom will come back to me…. And if you don’t … then I will have to take it away from you forcibly and then you would get hurt badly do you understand Kalia? You decide for your self ….. kalia I am very scared my dear…. I will do as you say please don’t hurt me How dare you fool with me…. You small rat take this Some people will never learn in life…. Am I right rat? Bheem…. Have you seen kalia anywhere? We are not being able to find him anywhere, where could he be? He must be flying around enjoying himself on his magical broom We have been looking for him since long….. I think he must be in some kind of trouble Oh!! Is that so, then we will definitely help you find him, come let’s go and look for kalia I will not look for Kalia anymore I am fed up with him too so am i Ok, I can find him myself…. I don’t need anyone to help me. So what if Kalia is a bad boy…. It is our duty to help specially when he is trouble Let’s go…… Well done Bheem. I expected this from you, I have been watching you from my crystal ball your kindness and responsibility nature specially to help people in need makes me very happy I think I can help you find that dumb head kalia, you will need all kind of help possible….ha ….ha….ha I think kalia is trapped and hidden somewhere in the city of Darkness… my magical powers will not work in that city… I am sorry for that Ohh…hh… poor kalia… Useless stupid kalia Very good he deserves this, good for nothing he he Enough is enough I will not tolerate if you talk like this again! It is our duty to help find kalia and we will do! Very good Bheem!! I will help you in reaching the city of Darkness as soon as possible without any trouble And this is what will help you reach there faster than even you could think But let me warn you … be careful… a one eyed monster will be there guarding the entrance to the city of darkness Incase If you need to fight him remember as long as his eye is open no body can defeat thim and also remember the powers of the Old witch lie in her magic snake head stick…. If you want to defeat her you will have to burn her snake Head Thank you very much for your kind help Thank You… who are you and how did you get in here… Don’t you know this is the city of darkness Everyone just sleeps here in this city don’t you know…. Our friend is trapped in here …Kindly let us go in and help us find him You want to enter inside ha ha? You can but only after you defeat me Bheem! Remember what the Good witch said about his eyes What a demon and what a city this is Come let’s all go inside See we will first have to defeat the evil witch only then we can be able to take kalia away from here with us Stop! how have you come inside so easily huh?? What happened to my guard … what do you want We have come here to rescue our friend kalia We had to put your guard to sleep, deep sleep Ha …ha… it seems like you kids are all stupid like your friend kalia There were six prisoners earlier here there will be six more ha..ha..ha.. Then hundred …..ha …ha… Ha…ha…ha… at one stroke of twelve tonight itself I will kill you all for ever ha ha ha… every one of you Run run… we will not be able to run away from her she is very strong and powerfull and full of tricks are you sure of what you are saying ? Ha..ha…ha What kind of vessel is that? Is there something boiling in there… He..he… you are a brave boy… I am very impressed by you… he he … your intellegience pleases me…. Ha ha ha You.. you please give me back the broken pieces of my snake stick… return it to me… and in return I will give you back your friend kalia… you can then take him with you Thank you bad witch…but i thnk the fire needs some more sticks! Stop…noooo Huh..huh…I beg of you please stop Noooooo……. I am very embarrassed with the way I behaved with you all Come let’s all fly back to Dholakpur


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