[M/V Making Film] – K타이거즈 제로 – SIDE KICK(Prod. DJ KOO)

[M/V Making Film] – K타이거즈 제로 – SIDE KICK(Prod. DJ KOO)

We are at “Side Kick” music video shooting site! MInji’s self camera, and a girl-crush hairstyle Stop pulling my hair please – Minji is practicing acting these days
– Yes, I’m learning it. I look like an astronaut (Resolved Hyunmin looking) Ain’t easy In this MV, you can watch various skills. – focus of the camera is not right.
– Why is it wrong? – Hello [The youngest members are coordinating the choreohgraphy] Please be quite You gotta finish it in one shot, okay? You can’t make mistakes Why the sudden coaching? You were sleeping right before Please don’t follow me in moments like this This scene’s scale is enormous Little Junior tigers came for us *Wait for credit cookie* [Younji’s hand] Gunwoo Gunwoo~ Younji try it again Gunwoo~ Socks ayyy (I’ll never do it again) (Persuading Gunwoo) No, not this (Being persuaded) (Inner conflicting) (Determined to give it away..) Yummy~ (What did I do…) (Very nice~)


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