Linda & Shannon Lee speak Cantonese

Linda & Shannon Lee speak Cantonese

In this tribute to Mister Bruce Lee with the highest honor, I’m still not qualified to issue. so let us now welcome, Mister Raymond Chow Man-Waai, who was Mister Bruce
Lee’s good friend. He is qualified. Let’s welcome, Mister Raymond Chow Man-Waai. In substition to receive this award is Bruce Lee’s
wife, Linda, and his daughter, Miss Shannon Lee Heong-Jing. Please welcome Linda Lee and Miss Shannon Lee Heong-Jing. To accept the general assembly’s… arrangements. I’m very thankful to everyone’s support and regards
to Siu-Lung. I… I believe, Siu-Lung would’ve certainly… been happy to attain this award. Because… Because he was… because Hong Kong was the place where
he grew up. Also was his most affectionate hometown. Siu-Lung, would’ve been even more happier with Hong Kong’s Kung Fu films having had him from the start. Now, more than before, they’re already being developed and promoted for the whole world. Thank you. I would like to introduce Siu-Lung and my pretty girl, and Brandon Lee Gwok-Hou’s little sister, Shannon Lee Heong-Jing. I feel… very honored to be able to represent my father, to receive this award. Thank you.


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