Let’s Kick Some Ass In Metro Exodus-Intro

Let’s Kick Some Ass In Metro Exodus-Intro

I still remember life before the war I remember
that we used to be different used to live up there on the surface we used to be the
masters of the whole world We build gigantic cities of glass and steel we crossed the oceans
at will and we also conquered the skies there used to be seven billion of us we were not
born for life in the tunnels I was born to breathe fresh air and I remember the seven
billion were wiped out by the las war only fifty thousand managed to survive underground
with the surface poisoned burned and teeming with horrible monsters one day the radiation
on the surface might subside and our grandchildren and thei grandchildren might be able to return
there at least that’s what my brothers in arms from the Order believe basically there
was no hope for us right off the start still we humans are just too bad at surrendering
we tried to make the best of what we had banded together to work on the Metro and make it
our home after all it might well be the only place left on earth for humans to live for
a time we felt we could make it but regretably the war didn’t kill our bad habits in the relative safety of the tunnels corruption
festered and when danger came from above the ground only a few of us stood against it our
numbers dwindling by the day but I remember we were born for a better life and I can’t
accept that I’m destined to grow old and die underground I don’t care if I’m called an
idiot but if even a single shard of the old world still exists out there I have to find
it between endless years of hopless existence and even a single moment a hope I must choose
hope I must find that signal Artyom are you awake? it’s ok the doctor said you’ll be fine
are you trying to kill me with worry? what if next time you don’t return from the
surface? there is no one out there Artyom no one to
find no one to talk to if there was don’t you think they’d be here already? we talked
about this again and again you have to accept it there’s only us colonel hello alex there
you are how many times are we gonna have this conversation? I don’t care if you kill yourself over this
silly dream of yours but don’t you see what you’re doing to my daughter? your wife dad please the Order is short on
men after the battle with D6 but you leave people neeed you and you pursue your selfish
obessession but now this shit has to stop there’s only the Metro nothing else and the
Order is here to defend it because if not us then who? you look fine to me so get ready
to go then we’ll discuss you transfer to Pollis come we need to talk I’ll get the doctor please
promise me this was the last time I’ll see you later Artyom we managed to bring you back
from the brink but people are giving you their blood which could save so many wounded and
you keep bringing it back irradiated don’t you think that’s unfair? let me put it this way I can’t promise I’ll
be able to bring you back next time Ohh I can;t believe my eyes Arttyom you’re alright
Artyom how are you friend? A few more scars and you’ll be iresitable
to any woman You’re all dismissed I give you two hours people hold on Artyom And more of
nothing? Artyom the only thing I can hear is that counter
clicking and there’s also those damn things let’s go home dear, please don’t you think
I also want to live on an ocean beach or in a green forest? but what good are these fantasies
in this sad world? silent Artyom because it’s dead we took our time time to replace our
filters move it any extra radiation is not good dad will kill me if the finds out I went
out with you in an off limits zone have you been to all these ruins? see all the destruction and Moscow had the
best anti air defenses in the country if ths is how it is now imagine how the rest of the
world looks I had to scare a demon away it was getting to comfortable here look maybe
you should come back to the Order we’ll move to Pollis dad said he’ll arrange a flat for
us because if not us then who? a flat with a kitchen and a shower let’s go in turns here
it’s not very stable whoa hear that? turn the light on did you hear that? again watchmen are you alright? they probably
heard us coming down the roof and decided to ambush us the beasts are getting smarter
let’s pick up the pace now they know we’re here a pack just what we need a draw we’re
lucky the mutannts hate the sun as much as they hate us we sure gave them hell how about
using the bridge to cross hey Artyom help me get up shit I got you now that’s what I
call a blizzard can’t see a thing Artyom are you seeing this? I;m not imagining it? a train a damn train
on the surface shit what do we do Artyom? should we catch up with it? look it’s our
guys with the Order they’re checking that train too let’s join them hwo did you guys
get here? did you see that thing out there? we sure did come on get in you should have
checked first assholes Artyom thank god these people they are Hamsa not the Order the assholes
they did a number on you well dad will rip them a new one for that what is going on in
this Moscow of yours? You’re putting this like you’re not from here
we aren’t our village is about 200 km from here what village? you’re not from Moscow?
we came here to find the boy’s father he came to Moscow about a year ago and never came
back but then we got caught by these you mean there’s life outside? why wouldn’t there be? we get by in out village
Artyom you were right people really do live out there we didn’t know we though we were
the only survivors god we’ll tell the whole world about this hey you people drove us hallfway
to nowhere they can handle it at least give them a mask


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