Leg Lymphedema? 5 Products + Exercises to Help You Manage Swelling in Your Legs.


15 thoughts on “Leg Lymphedema? 5 Products + Exercises to Help You Manage Swelling in Your Legs.”

  • Hakeem Manzoor says:

    Bob when you had your episode of cervical neck pain what had caused it was it a bulging disc or a herniated disc and how long did it take to get rid of the symptoms completely and resuming your normal everyday activities please reply as soon as possible thank you boss?

  • Guys, I'd appreciate any tips. I had a partial tore in both triceps like 6 months ago. Took some time off the gym and it healed completely, but it seems like the scar tissue healed too tight. The scar tissue then tore and I had the same problem again. Now everything's healed again and there's no pain in the muscle at all, but the scar tissue has made my ulnar nerve entraped/pressured.

    Is it possible for me to stretch this away even after the muscle seems healed? Or will surgery most likely be the way to go for me? I already have a doctors appointment but it's about a month away so I'd love any help I can get before then.

    Thx, love your content.

  • Cynthia Hawkins says:

    My hubby Ric was just diagnosed with lymphedema, and the VA gave us a wonderful device called a Flexitone. Set it up, sent a therapist to our house to give us both a thorough tutorial. I am thinking of your wheelie device too, for hubby. Great ideas. I also am going to learn manual massage, when I use the HYDROPHORE each day on Ric's knees, on down, I can incorporate techniques that will help him as well. Having a spouse or family member involved in the treatments, has to be a plus.

  • I had lower extremity edema. I go for a physical exam next month. Therefore, is there a test the doctor can do or order to find out if there is a blockage?

  • I'm so glad there is more information today for help with lymphedema. When I was first having issues I couldn't find a doctor who knew much about it.

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