Leg Lymphedema? 5 Products + Exercises to Help You Manage Swelling in Your Legs.

Leg Lymphedema? 5 Products + Exercises to Help You Manage Swelling in Your Legs.

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist, together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet In our opinion of course Bob. We’re really rocking some fashion here today Brad, say no more, we’re gonna talk about this in just a second today We’re gonna talk about leg lymphedema. We got five products to help you manage the edema plus We’re gonna show you some exercises and self massage Right and positioning to help decrease the edema that you’re having in your extremities Let’s get to these right away Brad these are called expanda socks and They’re a little bit of fashion with a lot of function There you go, and the idea is this is not a compression sock in itself This is something you could wear over your compression sock, just like this here I’ve got my Comp Roland wraps here too for the compression It’s doing the work of the compression and wrap properly But it’s nice to cover it up. So you have something to look pretty, unattractive yeah, and these stretch fairly Large, right there’s different sizes when you order them online They walk you through and they you know they can help you fit it so its proper, so we got two here and then Alex is gonna come on in, one of our fashion models There you go Alex shake it baby. Shake it He’s quite good at that, that’s a little worrisome. Get them out of here, Alright Lonnie why don’t you head out there now Yep just walk down out there now we’ve got someone that well we could look at Very nice. Yeah, put your foot up good Okay, Wow we’d make it in New York wouldn’t we? All right, so that’s our bonus product Brad. That’s the one where you’re gonna debut Yeah, all right by the way if you are new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free and we upload every day What are you laughing at? Yeah I don’t think we’re gonna make it in the modelling world. That’s right and also Head over to the Facebook and like us because Brad and I as children were not liked and now as adults we’re trying to turn All that around right, so is it working? We’ll see how this goes yeah, let’s see how this goes okay the first product that we think could really help you with your Lymphedema is the leg wedge, I think this is just a simple device You know one of the things you want to do is get your feet elevated as much as possible Let gravity do the work, get that fluid going towards the right direction and these are fairly inexpensive 25 bucks and we have all these products by the way These we’ll have listed in a separate link, but all the other products are listed in our Amazon preferred list, it’s down below Just go down and click on that and they’ll come up This is great for back pain by the way too which we’ve touted many times alright. This is a Multi-purpose item, so as you can see I can get my feet up And we’re going to show you some exercises you can do later with this But it’s really a good position to do those exercises in, one thing why don’t you lift your legs up It is important that you get it up to your butt there, and it’s more comfortable that way You know Bob’s six foot six. Yeah, his legs are longer for most people you know I don’t know if they make longer ones or not for if you’re really tall but for ninety percent of the people it’s fine You know one thing I read Brad they say One book I was reading was saying that you really don’t even want it that much higher You’d like to have it at the level of the heart. Okay. So that kind of puts it in the right spot so all right the next thing we’re gonna mention Brad is the e1000 elliptical This is a device, Brad discovered this now what did we figure? How many years ago? It’s close to 10 and Brad saw it in a sporting goods store and he Suggested we try one of these in the clinic and the way we use them They’re designed to use standing on it I don’t have my shoes on so I’m not gonna stand on it, right it’s like a miniature elliptical that you stand on, I was looking for something for people who are not that mobile and Something to get your legs moving in the seated position, oftentimes the wheelchair or just a chair so yeah I don’t know if we’re the ones that started this movement Brad Because we did a video on this years ago And they started selling it with that Idea in mind. I think that’s where a bulk of their sales come from, there’s no doubt Bob We’re influencers Yeah, now you notice we got some wood here, and what we’re doing is you need to block it up either You know one to three inches, normally we’ve been going three inches This is an inch and a half, but what that does is that when Bob goes around particularly if you have swollen ankles, your ankles don’t move so well And it allows your ankles to stay in contact with the pedals all the way around if you do that What’s great about this is it’s like pumping the fluid out of the ankles. I had a patient Brad They literally would do this and it would take their swelling down during that session Oh really sure, and then when they would they stop, a lot of times it would come back But it was just a great way to get some exercise and to get the fluid out of there, again the fluid has to go up into the body into the trunk where it’s processed and sent out of the body, exactly sure you know this is one of these items that we’ve got them in all of our clinics and a number of people use them and They like them so much They get them for home I’ve had a lot of people that have bought one of these and they’re usually around 80 bucks I think now and usually free shipping if you have Prime Yeah, if you do the Amazon thing, so one thing about them is they’re not real light. No They’re heavy, if you’re a weak person, you’re gonna have to have someone help you get it set up About 30 pounds, and there’s a flywheel in there They work so well because of that and they really can’t get rid of it. Yeah, they hold up well I mean we use these things They’re probably used four or five six hours a day in our clinic and they go on for years Yeah, they do, eventually they’ll wear out, if you get one for yourself you don’t have to worry about it All right The next one Brad is a lot of times people have trouble lifting their leg when there’s swelling in it And so this is just called a leg lifter, and they work out really good You know you can just hook around the foot like this and help lift your foot up onto the bed And also if you need help putting it up onto that wedge you can use that to do it They’re extremely common with Total knees and total hips yeah, but if you’ve just got swollen legs and you’re having a hard time getting them up there That’s what they’re gonna be good for, you might be able to use like the yoga strap We have down below too You could do the same thing you can put it down on each side like this you can even if your hands are weak You can go like this and you can help lift it up like that I don’t know if we have this one listed down below, I’ll have to put that down below Okay, so the leg lift The next one brad is just kind of a overall good general purpose thing that, we’re big advocates of using these Stability balls or physio balls or exercise balls they all have different names, once again the beauty of the ball it continues To be useful in many areas. This is a big one. I mean this is probably about my size Someone that’s smaller may want to order one that’s a little bit on the smaller side Probably a 55 centimeter, but it’s the same with this It’s a great way to elevate the legs and then you know we’re gonna show some Exercises you can do along with this too, in this position I mean it’s good to be there statically or not moving to get the fluid moving But if you can add some motion with it right it’s going to be that much more benefit So normally if someone’s doing this you probably will put a pillow behind you Bob’s gonna get a sore neck here Well, we’re gonna show the exercises in just a minute here. I just want to show one more thing This book here, we did a video For swollen and puffy faces and arms, and she kind of goes into Manual lymphatic stuff on all areas of the body, talks about the trunk and the legs It’s called “Swollen, Bloated, and Puffy” It’s a manual lymphatic drainage therapist guide to reducing swelling in the face and body It’s by Kathleen Listen, and it’s down below, she actually Saw some of our videos in there because she liked what we were doing so she’s got good taste Yeah, she does, we can’t argue with that. Alright Brad. Why don’t we start showing some of the exercises We can do this with the ball or you can do this with the leg wedge Yep, so I’m gonna have my legs up there again you might have trouble getting them up this high You might have to use the leg lift or something like that to get them up there so Hopefully you’ll probably have a smaller ball, but like again for Bob if you can get this up We got some gravity working and we can get the exercises going. You want a pillow Bob? Yeah, I was just going to ask you for one, if you don’t mind Here it comes in, it’s gonna come in hot I knew that Normally we do it professionally with patients, but this is different Alright, so we’re gonna start off with Brad you can actually just start off by curling your toes like this and going back and forth Like there and I’m rocking my fashionable socks By the way, I got my Jerry Garcia tie on here, too All right, then you can do ankle pumps I thought maybe your wife would have stuck that in the back drawer far away They’re nice looking ties. They’re nice looking ties is right. You can do ankle circles Yeah, make the circles go round and round, if you get bored you can do the alphabet with the your feet, too You can use like Brad always says Picture a piece of chalk taped to your big toe and just try to make the letters Imagine there’s a chalkboard there And you’re gonna draw like you know back in first grade again right alright once you get past that This is a great position to do some diaphragmatic breathing too Brad, very important You need to open the flow here of the lymph into the abdomen So one thing you want to do is what we call diaphragmatic breathing when you breathe in through the nose You’re gonna actually expand the belly, so when I breathe in With his stature it’s not gonna show, but imagine this coming in instead of the chest getting larger we’re gonna allow the the lungs to expand out through the abdomen and What happens with that is the lymph glands are set up in such a way imagine There’s fluid throughout his legs gravity is pulling it down And it needs to get into, if you imagine a drain right here in your belly button It’s all gonna go down that drain, and if there’s blockage in this area It’s not gonna make it so this is gonna help open up the pathways here And it’s gonna let all that food go down into the drain, and then your body takes up through the system Yeah as Brad was saying if there’s blockages here, your fluid’s not going to come out of the leg I mean even if you’re working your exercises but if there’s a blockage here, yeah, it’s not gonna work. It’s like a dam. It’s just holding it back Yeah, most people would expand their chest when they breathe in, but no you’re gonna expand your belly And then when you breathe in through the nose and you’re gonna breathe out the mouth like you’re blowing out a candle All right the next one We’re gonna do Brad is just, that’s what nice about the ball We can now put it at the end like this and we can start getting some knee flexion and hip flexion at the same time So the knees are working the hips are working You know you did the diaphragmatic breathing, most of the things are loosening up And plus you get some range of motion for the joints and the muscles, it’s good for them as well And if you’re real coordinated you can actually do the breathing while you’re doing the exercise That would be like doing this, yeah, that’s right. I don’t know if this chair is blocking you, but we’ll get that out of the way Works out really good for you doesn’t it Brad, okay another one you’re gonna do is butt squeezes Brad which is just how it sounds, you’re gonna squeeze your butt then relax Squeeze your butt yep, and then relax squeezing those butt cheeks together Yep, like you got a quarter in there, and you’re trying to pick it up. Did you really say that? I heard someone else saying it, it was working good, alright Brad, would you want to show the self massage? Why don’t we use the leg wedge for that That’s probably more appropriate, you know if you don’t have the leg wedge, but you do have a ball you know the ball is gonna be better than nothing That’s for sure, this would be preferable You know, top of the list, I mentioned the ball especially if you have one already It’s a good way to put it into use And you can get the range of motion, which you’re not gonna get with this Thanks, Bob. Now I know you care Ok so again You want to start at the belly and work your way down the legs Obviously if you’re by yourself you’re not going to get down to your calf It’ll be tough for you to do So you can do the diaphragmatic breathing, and then it’s from your femoral creases where your pocket are and you work that, now this massage is quite light You’re not pushing in and you’re trying to force it through You’re actually pretty light just going on the skin and just working it over again remember that belly button is the drain That’s where the fluids gonna go down into So it’s kind of like you’re massaging over the lymph nodes, Like this wouldn’t work well cuz I got this belt on You wouldn’t want to have that, you want to have smooth clothing, and then you can get down to your knees You’re gonna go as far as you can reach and then come in and it’s gonna be more towards the inner part of the thigh you know not the outer and work that into that femoral crease area and then you know clearing the pathway so You got the diaphragmatic breathing we’re lifting up, and we’re doing that massage, getting that fluid moving and you know It’s working is when you’re done, and you have to go to the bathroom, you moved the fluid It’s a good sign, so alright folks remember Brad and I are not just pretty yes I’d say we’re pretty ugly Bob, but we’re pretty helpful and handy. Make sure you subscribe to us. Thanks a lot You


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  • Hakeem Manzoor says:

    Bob when you had your episode of cervical neck pain what had caused it was it a bulging disc or a herniated disc and how long did it take to get rid of the symptoms completely and resuming your normal everyday activities please reply as soon as possible thank you boss?

  • Guys, I'd appreciate any tips. I had a partial tore in both triceps like 6 months ago. Took some time off the gym and it healed completely, but it seems like the scar tissue healed too tight. The scar tissue then tore and I had the same problem again. Now everything's healed again and there's no pain in the muscle at all, but the scar tissue has made my ulnar nerve entraped/pressured.

    Is it possible for me to stretch this away even after the muscle seems healed? Or will surgery most likely be the way to go for me? I already have a doctors appointment but it's about a month away so I'd love any help I can get before then.

    Thx, love your content.

  • Cynthia Hawkins says:

    My hubby Ric was just diagnosed with lymphedema, and the VA gave us a wonderful device called a Flexitone. Set it up, sent a therapist to our house to give us both a thorough tutorial. I am thinking of your wheelie device too, for hubby. Great ideas. I also am going to learn manual massage, when I use the HYDROPHORE each day on Ric's knees, on down, I can incorporate techniques that will help him as well. Having a spouse or family member involved in the treatments, has to be a plus.

  • I had lower extremity edema. I go for a physical exam next month. Therefore, is there a test the doctor can do or order to find out if there is a blockage?

  • I'm so glad there is more information today for help with lymphedema. When I was first having issues I couldn't find a doctor who knew much about it.

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