Learning Staff Fighting Basics


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  • The Modern Rogue says:

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  • Note* THAT staff is for sure non-lethal. Take one of those English quarter staffs, and you've got a totally different story. One of those will split your skull in half.

  • Clash Bluelight says:

    not sure these moves would be as effective as the quarter staff techniques. based on what was shown in these videos i would say between two equal skill users the quarter staff wins at least 8/10. if anyone knows a higher level of these styles i would love to hear a proper correction.

  • Chance Powerman says:

    As someone who is fairly well trained in bjj I have to say I would not mess with ANYONE with a big stick. Some idiot with a big swing will break any bone in your body.

  • I recognize this fighting style anywhere, ( dont know the name im not that good) but its the same martial art that airbending was based off of

  • 7:12 "so, be the other tree" jesuschrist this lady just made me cried.this approach to teaching this technique might seemed "pushy", but believe me, there is almost no other way to learn something this good.pushing the "student" with "yourself on the line" makes it concentrate in what he's doing like nothing else. it's a feeling of "we're in this together, you and me", it grounds the knowledge to the student that without it might look like jibberish. stepping down from a teacher pedestal makes the whole exercise less stressful overall, making sucess, more easily achievable

    EDIT :god damn this shaolin keyboard warriors in the comments. chill the F* down.

  • masterYoshimistsu says:

    When looking for a Kung Fu master don't go to someone that says that teaches "Shaolin Kung Fu". Shaolin Kung Fu is an umbrella term because Shaolin monks learned different styles depending on the region they were. The most general style is Wushu. In addition, the Japanese bo staff was originally used as a farming tool in Okinawa used for carrying buckets, which explains the thickness. And in the first kobudo kata for bo staff you also perform the batting move that this guy in the video says that isn't done with the Japanese bo staff. You guys should go to a kobudo or karate dojo that teaches weaponry to learn bo staff fighting.

  • Hey guys thx for the Raycon promo! I didn't know they existed. I just ordered their headphones (instead of the ear buds) and can't wait for them to arrive.

  • Out of all these videos showing us cool shit
    I just have one question.

    When is the video coming out on how you can grow beards like that.

  • ArthurEKing8472 says:

    Brain and The Modern Rogue, I love the show, but I'd like to throw a tiny nugget of information at you.

    I have watched for a long time, and I noticed something in this video particularly (Although I've noticed it in others, it wasn't as pronounced) when YOU Brian Brushwood are doing these kinds of exercises, and the main difference between yourself, Jason Murphy, and those who had done these kinds of exercises often.


    I'll explain my observation, and try and explain why I think this is happening, and make a suggestion as to how you can change the situation, should you chose to. (Oh course, this is the internet, and opinions are like assholes, we all have them, but think everyone elses' stinks, lol.)

    When Jason starts his practice, you can see that his mental headspace is trying to learn the physical motions, and while that DOES take him a while, they do come more naturally to him, as he's not stressed out about them, he's just having a fun cool time, and trying to figure something out.

    Your mental headspace seems different. It seems like in your head, you're thinking of this as a real combative experience from the get-go, and so you're actually quite tense. You ARE more precise, at least at the beginning, but in those first few motions, that precision means nothing, because you don't yet know what you SHOULD be doing, lol.

    Now I'm going to explain a small piece of helpful advice when it comes to mental headspace, and how it connects to both actual combat, and muscle-tissue bio-kinematics.

    It's easiest to imagine your muscles as elastic bands (it's not precisely correct, but it's a not-entirely-inaccurate analogy) pulling on your bones, and eventually transferring that force into the ground, through friction and contact with the ground. Now if you take an elastic band, and stretch it halfway, how much farther can you stretch it? In comparison from when the elastic was completely relaxed? Not as far.

    Your muscles are kinda the same in this regard. The more tension they have, they less energy they can provide when contracting quickly, in order to produce a sudden strike. This actually means that tension is precisely the enemy you must face if you want to fight at full efficiency.

    In general, with most martial arts, (and this staff fighting is no exception) and in fact many sports as well, there is something of a whip, or chain effect when it comes to the different parts of your body, and how they had to move, in order to deliver the maximum possible force to the target. Everything starts slowly, and picks up speed as the motion moves through your body to the eventual point of maximum dynamic expression.

    In the case of that initial staff-strike, the intent is to have the motion start in your feet, your toes digging into the ground, pushing off, in order to change their orientation, in relation to the ground. The motion then should move up your legs, to your hips, where it picks up tremendous force and speed, and only as you cannot stop the motion, should your arms and hands move. The arm and hand motions should be delayed slightly after the foot and hip motions, in order to gain maximum force, you don't do all those things simultaneously.

    It's kinda like the difference between pushing a swing as it comes to a standstill, instead of stopping the swing to push it. One obviously works better, lol.

    And this is where the headspace thing comes into place. If you thing of these kinds of practices as just fun interesting movements, you won't be as tense. If you're not as tense, you won't be using your muscles as much, and you won't tire out so fast. You'll also be changing your muscles from a fully relaxed state, to a fully contracted state, which is the maximum energy-output possible for muscle fibres. In other words, by trying to relax and enjoy the experience, you'll actually do a lot better, be a lot smoother in your execution, and learn a lot easier.

    Not this is all just my own observation of your motions, posture, timing, etc. and I could easily be wrong, so always take anything I say with a grain of salt. Not to mention the fact that I don't claim to be any kind of expert on this kind of thing, but I will say that I know a few things, and I'd rather share them in the hopes they help. I'm sure there are others here who can kindly correct some of the specifics in my suggestions that are slightly erroneous, that's assuming they or anyone even reads all this…

    TL;DR Brain Brushwood, you should just try and relax, and have fun with this kinda stuff, lol. Don't let your competitive nature trip you up!

    Anyways, hope you're well, keep up the good work!

  • Pastori Nestori says:

    This video pretty much just looks like an upgraded Star Wars Kid.. I hope you guys know that a martial art does not automatically translate to usable in real life.. This martial art has the emphasis on word ART.

  • Sarah basically pulled an Angelina Jolie from Wanted with Brian

    "Hit the target."

    But in Brian's case.

    "I'm a tree."
    "Oh gee"

  • I love how Brian is always hops into things like "alright yea let's do this!!" And Jason is always looking like "wait how do I breathe"

  • ProfessorProfanity says:

    I bought some raycon 25s with your discount code and I made sure to let them know I heard of them through you guys via youtube.

  • RebornRockerVids says:

    I laughed so hard at the rediculousness of an American claiming to be a master of Shaolin kung fu 😂😂😂
    And even worse, other Americans believe him 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Puffin Entertainment - One Handed Gaming says:

    FYI, for you 80's and 90's kids out there.. a bo is the weapon Donatello uses. the character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles naturally.

  • "Shaolin is Buddhist so it abhors violence"?!. That must be why Shaolin monks developed fighting styles to protect themselves and even were used in wars as soldiers.. Because they just wanted the violence to stop… by killing their opponents.
    Like Battle plans in war Western imaginings of Eastern mystics rarely survive contact with reality.

  • I used to watch this channel all the time, but for whatever reason stopped. I recently started watching again, and oh man did I forget how much I loved this show!

  • It be interesting to see him in a position of demonstrating with a tewhatewha whilst respecting the ahua of it at the same time

  • This guy might be very skilled and knowledgable in Shaolin Kung Fu, but around 4 minutes into the video he's got everything about Japanese martial arts wrong.

  • Saying Japanese oak will shatter is silly. It's less flexible than the gun, but still very tough.

    "Mario's going to swing at my head."
    * swings nowhere near his head *

  • Dylan Swartzfager says:

    You guys should do something with DTMF (Duel-tone multi-frequency) tones. One thing you can do is call a phone from a touch-tone phone without pushing the buttons of the touch-tone phone you are calling from, there might be more things you could do with DTMF tones and I was wondering what you might come up with.

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