– [Daniel] Hey, stay back! Gimme back!
(You’re surrounded!) Hey!
– You’re surrounded! You’re surrounded now!
– Dang! – [Daniel] Yeah! – Put Sensei down! – [Daniel] Put him down! – Surrounded. – You want Hoopie Bat Be? Take the weapon. – Don’t give it to him!
– No! (zap)
No! Don’t give it to him! (Hacker yelling) – [Chad] Holy smokes!
(Vy yells) What happened? – It’s hot! Like fire! – It’s lava! (yelling) – [Daniel] Sensei! – I’m gonna take it anyways regardless of its temperature! – No, you’re not! (screams) (yelling) (exciting music) – [Chad And Vy] Kagari Red Ring! – [Chad] Let’s go! C’mon, you can do it! – Yeah! – Sensei, this is our safe house! We’re safe here. No hackers, no worthless play! – That’s groovy! – Okay, so I gotta ask, when the hacker grabbed the weapon, why did it burn his hand? I don’t get it. Those are just metal! – Well, I fused this weapon with lava. Feast your eyes on this. (tense music) – [Daniel] Um…
– Okay. – What, what are you doing? – Dive!
(splash) – Oh, what? Okay. Why’d you put it in the water? – Just wait and see why
I put it in the water. – Okay, okay well can we
have the ninja gadgets now? We’ve successfully completed
the Lava Challenge, that means we won the item, right? – Not so fast! – Why not? We did the challenge
and we beat the hacker? – Y’all can win
– Yeah. yourselves more ninja gadgets out of this mystery box if you
complete one more challenge. – So here. So we can have the lava-infused weapon and additional weapons if we
complete one more challenge? – Absolutely! – Okay, c’mon, let’s hustle up, guys! Right, Spy Ninjas, what’d you think we should do? – What if we lose the next challenge, do we get no weapons at all? – Yes, like double or nothing? – Yeah, we should probably ask. Guys, if you want us to
take on another challenge and win a ton more ninja gadgets, give this video
(ping) a thumbs up right now. – All right, we should ask him, if we lose, would we lose everything or not? – [Chad And Daniel] Yeah! – And then that will make
the decision a lot easier. – Okay, exactly. – Sensei, we need to ask you a question. – [Chad And Daniel] Yeah. – If we were to play this next challenge, if we lose, do we lose both weapons
or can we keep this one? Since we won this the last challenge. – Yeah. – You will lose everything!
(ping) Only the hippest, most
hobbyist gavturned beast will win the ninja weapons. – Okay so we have to make sure that we win this next challenge otherwise we lose everything? – Can we at least see the mystery box to see how big or small it is?
– Yeah. – To see if it’s worth it, you know. – [Vy] Yeah. – Yeah. Come forth. – [Chad] Whoah! Okay! That, that, that’s a big box! – Whoah!
– Whoah! – Oh my gosh, you guys! It’s as big as me! I think we should do it! Look how big it is! – Oh my gosh! (grunting) It’s really heavy! Oh, there’s gotta be a ton
of ninja gadgets in here! (grunting) – Whoah, look at the water! (yelling) It’s like boiling! Why is the water boiling? What’d you, what’d you do? – It’s what I did to the gage. It’s because this is in there? – [Daniel] Whoah! – That must be really hot! – [Daniel] Yeah, it
really is lava-infused. (zap)
– (yelps) That is hot, wow! – If we win this weapon, how are we gonna be able to wield this when it’s this hot? – If you complete this challenge, you’ll be spy-sy enough
to wield this weapon. – Okay, cool. So then we will be able to wield it without needing like gloves or anything. Awesome! Great! – [Daniel] Nice, okay! – Yeah, all right. What’s this challenge? Let’s get into it. – What’s the challenge? – 24 hours in the Hot Tub Challenge. Last to leave wins the game. – [Vy And Daniel] Ooohhh, okay, yeah! – So it’s a little bit of a competition between the three of us, too. If one of us stays in
longer than the other, they get all the ninja gadgets. – Hmmmm, let’s do this! (yelling) – Oh, it’s cold! – So, Sensei, what do we have to do? – See this button? – Okay. – What about it? – Gotta hold it down the entire time you’re chillin’ in the hot tub. – What?
(mumbling) – You can’t let go! – We have to hold the button for 24 hours? – So, can we switch turns, can we take turns and stuff? – Yeah, that’s cool – So what happens if we
don’t push the button? – If you let go of the button, no ninja gadgets! – Jeez, I thought it was
just gonna be kind of easy sittin’ in the hot tub
– Yeah. and now holdin’ a button down. – Do you have a lot of surprises? I mean, is this it or
is there gonna be more? – I’m gonna keep it a surprise. – Ooohh, okay, okay, okay. – [Daniel] I’m right. – Vy, you wanna go in first? (stammering) (soft thump) – Okay.
(water splashing) Oh my gosh! – [Daniel] What? – Okay. – [Daniel] Is it hot? – It’s very hot, you guys. (grunts) Okay. It’s like, okay. – We’ll tie your hair up, ha Vy? – Yeah.
– Good. – All right I’m gonna go in. Okay, here we go. Oh yeah, that’s hot. That’s a hot one. I can handle it, though. Oh yeah. Looks like the water is
gettin’ a little bit red even, ‘coz it’s so hot.
– Yeah. – [Daniel] Oh yeah, I can see that. – Oooh. Okay Daniel. – [Daniel] Am I part of this challenge? – Yeah, I think you are! So you better get in! – Okay, all right, here I go. – [Chad] You ready, Daniel? – Ooohhh!
– It’s hot! – It’s hot! Ouch! How’re you guys doing this? – ‘Coz we’re spy ninjas! – [Chad] Yeah! – I’m still new to bein’ a spy ninja! – You’re being the guy that
has KickBump shirt, though. – Yeah. – Click on the description below if you want a KickBump shirt. – Okay, Sensei. (exciting music) – It’s time to get funky! (Vy shrieks) – [Chad] Oh, hold the button! – Okay, I’m holding it! – [Chad] Hey, you know what? – Yeah? – [Chad] With all these bubbles here, if I were to fart, no one would even notice!
– Awww! – Awww, Chad, we don’t do that. There’s no farting, peeing or
doing any type of bathroom. Really, the stuff in here. – Gotta have some respect, Chad. We’re gonna be living here for 24 hours. – [Chad] Yeah, that’s true. – We gotta hold everything in. – [Chad] Wow, I can’t believe we have to hold this for 24 hours. What kind of special ninja gadgets do you think are in that mystery box? It was really heavy, probably had some pretty
big ninja gadgets. I’m kinda excited to see what’s in there. – Yeah. – I think I can reach for
that mystery box right there. I’ve got really long legs. As long as I keep my feet in the hot tub I’m still in the hot tub, right? – Yeah! – [Daniel] I guess so. – I think so. – All right, so keep my feet in here. (water gurgling) – [Daniel] All right. (intense music) (speaking foreign language) (screaming) – [Chad] What’d you put in there? (screaming)
– My hand! He’s shooting on my hand! Ouch! Ow! – Here, I’m blocking! (screaming) – It hurts! – I’m blocking it! I’m blocking them out! I’m blocking them with my hands! (screaming) Oh, he ran out! – [Daniel] There’s so many balls! – [Vy] Oh my god! – [Chad] Just so many! You didn’t tell us there was gonna be all these extra little challenges. – Y’all were trying to steal my box! – We weren’t tryin’ to steal! We just wanna take a look
and see what’s inside there. – [Daniel] Yeah, we’re excited about it. – Never look inside the box! ‘Coz y’all acted foolish, here are some snacks!
– Oh wow! – Oh, snacks!
– Sound a good snack of chips! – I like that! – I like that! – [Daniel] We should
keep foolin’ around then. – Oh, chips and drinks. (Vy yelps) – Hey! – He threw-
(Vy screams) (footsteps) (rustling)
(groaning) – [Daniel] What the heck? – [Chad] What! – That one’s already like a quarter gone! – Is this for trying to
just take a peek at the box? That seems like a harsh punishment! – Those who are worthy of
this weapon don’t cheat! – Oh, okay, okay, fine, yeah, okay. We’ll follow the rules, fine. – It’s getting really hot
and I just really want to get outta here, you guys. Maybe I’ll just… (water splashing) – [Chad] I think we have 23 hours to go. (laughing) – Hope y’all don’t get hungry. – [Chad] Okay, thanks. – [Daniel] We’re gonna get hungry, I can,
– I think I can wait, too. – I’m actually hungry right now. – I want that bag of chips over there! – Yeah absolutely, can you reach it, Vy? – [Chad] Oh wait, here
I’ll hold the button. – Okay. – [Daniel] Okay, yeah,
don’t, don’t oh switch, good. – [Chad] Switch the button. – [Daniel] Good transfer. (water gurgling) – I can’t, Chad. I think you have to do it. You’re taller, you have a long upper body
so I can’t really do it. – So someone’s gonna take
over holding the button then. – [Vy] Okay. – Daniel you’re-
– Okay Chad, I’ll do it. – Daniel, you’ll hold the button? Don’t let go yet. Don’t lift-
– Okay, I got it. You got it?
– Yeah, yeah. – Okay. Lucky I got these long arms. – [Vy] Can you do it, Chad? – I think so. (grunting) C’mon! (rustling) Yeah! What’ve we got? Oh, it’s barbecue! – [Daniel And Vy] Cool! – Barbecue chips! We’re gonna make this last 24 hours. – [Daniel And Vy] Yeah, okay. – There you go, reach in. – [Vy] Oh, thank you, ladies first. – Oh, you got two chips! – [Vy] Oooh, I got chips on, aww. – You’re double chippin’ up there. – [Vy] Oh there, it’s stuck together so I think I just have
to eat both of them. – Whoah!
– Hey! – What if we get hungry in
a couple of hours from now? – [All] Cheers! – May we endure this 24-hour challenge. – Yes. – We’ll get those gadgets. (munching) (laughing) – You, took two chips. Who does she think she is? – I’m the tiniest so I need to get bigger. – Well if you keep eating chips, I think you’re only gonna get
bigger a certain direction, no this-
– No! not this direction, you know? – [Vy] Hi guys, it’s getting dark now. – Yeah, it is. – [Chad] It is getting late out. We’ve been on it for a long time. Daniel, are you still doing
okay holding that button? – Yeah, I mean my finger’s
getting kinda tired. If we’re gonna sleep in here, I don’t even know if we can sleep but one of us has to stay
awake and push this button. That’s kind of crazy. – Yeah, I like, I don’t know if you can stay awake
for 24 hours straight. – Oh, that’s really unhealthy. – We got a spy ninja idea.
(ping) – All right, what is it?
– What is that about? – Because the problem is we wanna sleep but we don’t want to stay
up and press this button. So, how about we find something to put on top of this button
to hold the button down. Sensei shot all of these
balls at us right here. There’s a ton more floating
over there we could use. If somehow we could
take all of these balls and get them to balance
on top of the button, they might be heavy
enough to press it down. – [Daniel] Oh I see what you mean, yeah. – How do we stick it all together? – [Daniel] Yeah, they can’t
balance on top of each other. – No!
– Yeah. – If I eat all of these chips we can use this as a container. – [Chad] Oh, okay.
– Maybe. – But I’m not sure how this
is gonna lay on the button. – I get it. – [Chad and Vy] Lay! (laughing) – Yeah, you’re right because
it doesn’t have flat bottom, – Yeah. – It’s gonna tip over if you
put this on top of the button. – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t
know if that’ll work. We see-
– Look inside the pool! – Look at the pool! – [Daniel] Okay, what? – [Chad] You see that?
– Over there! – [Vy] Does that look
like a solo cup to you? Like a red cup? – [Daniel] Yes, like a red
cup in a blue floaty thingy. That would kind of work, right? – Yeah, definitely because
it has a flat bottom. – Can we reach it? Is it too far away? – Vy, take over holding the button for me. – Okay. Let’s see if I can reach it. – Okay. – Here we go. C’mon, I can reach this. – [Daniel] Just keep your feet in, Chad. (groaning) – Ah, it’s floating the
wrong way! (groaning) Go back, go back, c’mon, c’mon! Come this way! (groans) I can’t reach it! Ahhh, shoot! It’s cold out there! We need a plan in order to be able to go into the pool and get that. What if when Sensei comes out here, what if we take all these little balls and pelt him with these? Just throw these at him, it’ll make him mad. He’ll probably come up with
some sort of punishment for us and we’ll be like, “What’re you gonna do? “Make us jump in the cold pool?” – Give him the idea but make it sound like it’s a punishment? – Yeah! Like reverse psychology. – Oh, that’s great! – I’ll be like, “I don’t want to jump in the pool!”, wink, wink. – Let’s gather up all the balls then. – [Daniel] Yeah. – All right, Vy, you take a bunch. – Daniel, you gonna throw some, too? – [Daniel] Yup. – With your free hand.
– Oh. Here you go. – [Daniel] That’s good. We’ll throw ’em right at his head. – Yeah, good. He’s not gonna know what hit ’em! (laughing) – Here he comes, oh! Hi Sensei! – [Daniel] Hi Sensei,
we’re pushing the button, everything’s fine!. – Yeah, why don’t you
come a little closer, go! (screaming) (laughing) – [Chad] Take that, Sensei! (Sensei mumbling) – Y’all playing some guns! (laughing) – [Daniel] You’re a stonicker! – [Chad] You a stonicker! – You, you, you!
(Vy yelps) – Me? – Y’all think this fun? You think this is fun? – [Vy, Chad And Daniel]
No, no, no, no, no, no! – Don’t be doing that! – What’re you gonna do? You gonna, are you gonna punish us? – [Daniel] Oh dear, I
don’t want a punishment! – Yeah! – Chad really hates cold water! – Yeah, whatever you do, don’t make me jump in the ice-cold pool! That’s like my worst fear. – You ain’t down with being shamed? – [Daniel] Yes, please
don’t make him do it! – Let’s do it! – Nooooo! The cold pool so, are you saying I should
get out of the hot tub and jump into the pool? – Get to it!
– Oh my gosh! – [Daniel] Ooohhh.. – Oh my gosh, guys, the plan is working! – [Daniel] It’s working! – Okay, gosh, this is gonna be horrible! Oh my gosh! What, what am gonna do, Sensei? – Go in now, get!
– Oh my gosh! – Okay, here we go, here we go! (screaming) Oh, that’s cold! Three, two, one! (screams) – [Vy] Are you okay? – I can’t stand it! I can’t stand it! I gotta get out! I gotta get out! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! – [Daniel] Get back in, get back in! I gotta get back in! Oh no, so cold! It’s so cold! – Oh that was so cold! – Oh my gosh, gotta get back in the heat! Back into the heat (groans) Oh wow! That was so hot! (laughing) – Even though it’s funny! – See what happens when
you ain’t bein’ cool? Punishment!
– Okay, okay. We won’t do that anymore! We’ll just sit here and
hold the button now. – All right then. I got my eyes on y’all. – Okay, okay. – It’s behind my back, you guys! – [Chad] Yeah. (mumbling) – Right there, there it is right there. – [Chad] Yes! – [Daniel] Sweet job, Chad! – [Chad] Okay, got it! Now, we should get all the balls, put the balls in here. – [Daniel] We threw a lot at him but there’s still some left. – There’s still some left in here. (soft splashing) – Shoot! I guess we didn’t think
that through all the way. (laughing) We threw most the balls at Sensei, now they’re not in here anymore! – You know what? There are some rocks over there. There’s a rock right there. – [Daniel] Oh yeah, yeah you’re right. – And there’s another one there.
– Yeah. – I think we can grab some
of them and weigh it down. – Okay, awesome! You want to try to reach
and grab some of those? – [Daniel] Sure. – All right, here’s the cup. All right, so Vy, you’ve
got the button there. – Yeah.
– Daniel. Stay in the hot tub. – [Chad] Yeah, keep your
feet in the hot tub. You can reach, you can reach that rock, right? You can do it, Daniel, you can do it! – Yes, yes! I got that balsies! – [Chad] Okay, how’s the weight? – [Daniel] It’s pretty good. – [Chad] Just to be safe, we should maybe put one more? – [Daniel] Yeah, there’s
one over here, Vy. – Okay, Daniel, can you
hang on to the button? – All right, got it! – [Chad] All right, cool, got it. – It’s right here, it’s pretty close! – [Chad] Ah, that was easy! – All right. Look how full it is now, you guys. – [Chad] Nice! – It’s definitely heavy enough!
– Okay. – [Chad] Great! You have to
balance this perfectly on there. If it falls off, we lose. – Three, two, – [All] One! – [Chad] Oh, is it gonna balance? (raving) – Yeah, it’s working!
– It’s working! It’s still pressed down!
– Yeah! – That is awesome! – Oh my gosh! – [Chad] Actually, now that it’s working, we could take a nap, guys! – I think so! All three of us! We just wake up and it’s morning and so, we did the challenge! – Yeah! – So I think what I’ll do, maybe I’ll just put the camera, I’ll just balance it right here, and then we can take a nap! – Yeah!
– So cool! – Sounds good! – Good night, guys!|
– Good night! (static) (eerie music) (water gurgling) – Guys! Guys, I’m up now. I don’t know what woke me up but there’s this is tingling feeling you guys know that I get once in a while when
there’s something creepy that’s happening. I don’t know what’s going on but let me check what
time it is right now. It’s actually 2:55 a.m. right now. You know what that means? That 3:00 a.m is close by! That’s probably the reason why I was getting all these
weird tingling in my, the back of my neck! Hey guys! Do you hear that rustling noise? What is that? (rustling) (intense music) Is that a bag of chips? Oh, so that’s what’s making the noise! I think that noise is just
that bag of chips there. I think it’s just like the wind rustling, (eerie music)
(screaming) – Foxy! – What are you doing? – [Chad And Daniel] What, whoah! – You woke me why are you screaming, Vy?
– What was that? – [Vy] There’s Sensei! – [Daniel] Why’re you making me scream? – [Chad] I’m trying to sleep! – Can y’all explain this? – Oh shoot!
– Awww… – Well, we figured in
order to fall asleep, we had to had something
holding down the button for us so we tricked you into punishing
us to go into the pool. We got these cups from the pool, we put rocks inside of it and now it’s weighing down the button so we could fall asleep. – Hold up then, skinny legend! – Oh no!
– Oh no! – No, no, we’re sorry! Please don’t, don’t, don’t do anything! – [Daniel] No, no! Don’t do it! No! Wait, what? You’re giving it to us? – Yeah. You just got the cup, you, button’s up! You pushed the button up!
(laughing) – S’all good! – It’s okay? – Y’all have proven your grooviness. – [Chad, Vy and Daniel] Wow! – Cool! We got it! – Since y’all showed off your brains by being cool and clever, y’all have earned this weapon man. – Wow! – When you think outside the box, sometimes you get rewarded and you come up with creative things! – Yeah!
– Yeah, I know! – I thought he’d be mad but
he appreciates our creativity! That’s so cool!
– Yeah! – That is so cool! – So now, we have the upgraded weapon. – So Sensei, what about the other gadgets? – Yeah! Can we have those, too? (raving) This is for y’all job tuck. – [Daniel And Chad] Awesome! – Oh my gosh! All right guys, we are
gonna open the huge box of ninja gadgets right now! Make sure to click right
here to see that video. Thank you so much for you
spinding just who show up whenever I post a brand new video. I’m showing your comments right here. Make sure to subscribe
to me, to Chad, to Daniel and follow us on Instagram @vyqwaint and @chadwildclay. KickBump out! – Hot tub KickBump?
– Yeah! Okay!
– We can do that anywhere! Here we go, ready, bada bo!



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