LA GARRA DEL TIGRE  || El estilo, MOVIMIENTO y TÉCNICA TIGRE en Kung Fu – kung fu entrenamiento

LA GARRA DEL TIGRE || El estilo, MOVIMIENTO y TÉCNICA TIGRE en Kung Fu – kung fu entrenamiento

The Tiger style of Kung Fu bases its technique
directly in that of the same deadly predator. The Shaolin monks of ancient China
they developed the known Kung Fu style as “Tiger” (Tiger), it was the first style
that was related to an animal, as he explains the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association (Nam
Yang Pugilistic Association). Like Other styles of Kung Fu, the style of the Tiger
emulates the aggression and brute force of the animal wild from which it takes its name. The combination
of the strategy with specific techniques it’s a devastatingly effective style of
martial arts. Strategy.
Tiger style in Kung Fu incorporates a strategy triple in its specific techniques, derived
of the behavior of this animal, which It is dominant and has no natural predators.
Simplicity, openness and power are the three necessary elements for this strategy,
. The style of the tiger is aggression and attack, not
evasion. Hence, he emphasizes applying an overwhelming force that aims to put a
quick end to physical confrontation. The claw of the Tiger.
The most effective weapon for the practitioner of Tiger style in Kung Fu is the claw, the technique
Hand in hand is fundamental. It is around this that the style of the Tiger rotates. Develop
her CARACTERISTICS, it means keeping her relaxed
and extend the arms at shoulder height. Afterwards, both palms should be rotated towards
up and curling the fingers to make them look like claws, trying to keep the thumb
bent, pointing inward. Attack using the technique of the tiger’s claw implies,
ramming with the palm of the hand, movement fast followed by another descending in form
of rake. This Tiger style technique personal defense can stun and even
blind a possible attacker, at the moment in that the claws impact hitting the chin
or the nose, the nails may well tear eyes Posture and kicks.
A crucial element of the Tiger style in Kung Fu is a correct posture. Tigers jump
forward aggressively, just like it does the artist who practices the style
Tiger. Stand with your feet forward and separate them according to the width of your shoulders,
placing one leg slightly backwards. Imagine that the toes of a foot touch the corner
superior of a square, while the heel of the back foot touches the opposite diagonal corner.
Keep your knees slightly bent, with a straight back, use the back foot
and legs to jump forward while you attack, pressing the fight over the opponent
that the tiger animal has taken as prey. The Tiger style includes powerful kicks towards
back that they can only perform legs and strong knees, says the Shaolin website
Kung Fu, which gain strength and momentum in the attack when combined with jumps
forward like a tiger does. Tiger style training
Because the Tiger style in Kung Fu emulates to the animal, so does the body of the
practicing. Therefore, strength and muscle mass are integral physical aspects
that you must develop during practice of the Tiger style, according to the site
web Writings for Warriors. The training with weights will help you build muscle mass,
the exercises especially composed as squats and abs work
more than one muscle group. The exercises of body resistance including push-ups
and the pull-ups also increase your strength muscular in general. Perform stretches,
before your training is vital, since reduces the risk of sprains or injuries
muscles, as well as allows the development of the flexibility needed to
the low positions, the forward jumps, and suddenly, you will feel the aggressive movement
distinctive of the style of the Kung Fu tiger.


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