KuSakura, World Famous Judo Equipment  – Company Presentation

KuSakura, World Famous Judo Equipment – Company Presentation

Even though Judo is now an international sport, we still make our Judogi based on those worn by the founder, Jigoro Kano. Thanks to our expertise, we are the only company to have the technical capacity to reproduce this Judogi identically. KuSakura has existed for almost 100 years, 97 and to be precise. From the beginning, our only goal was to produce quality Judogi that are durable and comfortable for Judoka. We have been doing just that for almost a century. A lot has changed since the Judo became an Olympic sport at the Tokyo Olympics (1964), it is now practiced in over 200 countries, and I am particularly pleased that practitioners around the world love to wear our Judogi. There are other known brands in Japan that have a lot more marketing power that us, and I’m proud that a small company like ours has managed to sustain so long. In the end, everything is a question of quality and if we are still here today, it is because we make a difference on quality, and our customers understand it. Today, we are the only company among those accredited by the International Judo Federation that masters the entire production chain, from weaving, sewing and until the sale. The Judogi have particular shapes and body forms are very diverse. To provide Judogi that are comfortable for all practitioners, we need to offer a wide choice of sizes (a hundred). Today, we produce about 20,000 Judogi a year in Japan (the rest being imported from China), and we can go up to 25,000 pieces if necessary. Currently, our stocks are at maximum capacity, we must have in total between 80,000 and 100,000 Dogi in stock. I got in the family business upon leaving school, 44 years ago. I started in the production sector, My father thought it was important that I have the experience of the entire production chain, weaving, cutting, drawing, etc. Today I head KuSakura, but in reality, the only thing I know to do is to make Judogi. They say I’m the greatest expert in this field in Japan. What you see there (the hishisashi / diamond fabric) was invented and patented by KuSakura. The original hishisashi fabric did not hold very well and it used to break. causing accidents. We were given the task to solve this problem, and it is I who has developed the same weaving technique used today on all Judogi. With the same thread, depending on how it is processed and woven, the resistances of fabric qualities can vary widely.


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