Kung Fu Stances : Kung Fu: Horse Stance Walking

Kung Fu Stances : Kung Fu: Horse Stance Walking

Hello I’m Sifu Mallon with the clear water
Kung Fu center; this is my assistant Mellissa and this is Kung Fu for help. We’re going
to working on foot work for stances; we’re going to do what’s called horse stance walking.
To begin with I’m going to demonstrate it first; you place both hands onto your waist,
you’re going to step out with your right foot twice the distance of your shoulders; you
bend your knees, make sure your tail-bone is tucked; your back is straight, this is
a horse position. From here you’ll turn your forward staying in the low position; this
foot turns out as much as you can, your rear foot and leg still remains bent; and you thrust
off this leg stepping forward, landing as you see with my toe to heel. I’ll turn this
way; same thing again, this foot will turn; this heel lifts slightly, both knees are still
bent and I thrust off the back foot landing with my toe first; horse stance. I’m going
o have Mellissa go ahead and demonstrate it; she starts with her hands on the waist, step
to the horse stance. You’ll see that the toes are pointing forward parallel; shoulders are
relaxed, back is straight. She’s going to turn the forward foot out as much as possible;
this helps turning this foot out and putting the pressure onto the ball of the foot, and
this gives you a little more movement. Push threw with this leg; land toe first. Same
thing coming back this direction; step threw flick, land; very good. This is boast; this
is horse stance walking Kung Fu for help.


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