100 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda – Dreamworksuary”

  • May I ask why he just must to have these videos on Channel Awesome? It's already on League of Super Critics. Does it really matter what channel a video is on?

  • Jerónimo de Jesús says:

    Wouldn't it be a huge plus to have a direct link to the video at the channelawesome site first thing in the description? Or would that be against YT rules?

  • Kung Fu Panda 2 was a real improvement in terms of visuals and setting. The village and Jade palace settings in the first movie weren't very eye catching and were kinda dull to look at. The city setting in KP2 was so much more interesting and eye catching because of all the extra attention to detail.

  • Titan MacDougall says:

    At first I thought the vid was frozen and I actually scrolled back to start again in hopes of unfreezing it, but then realized it is the way it is cuz everyone is trying to avoid more of this Fair Use crap!

    But aside from all that, Doug hits the nail on the head on everything about this movie! I've seen this film and was enthralled! It was amazing and entertaining, it made you laugh, might be enough to make you cry, and it can make you think on the philosophical levels. And the visuals are amazing. The upside to any animation is that you can do things that can't be done in conventional live action films. Unless you have wire-fu masters.

    Looking forward to more!

  • This movie was fine except for that stupid "instant-godmode" shit martial arts movies like to do – where the screwup novice suddenly becomes a veteran. Like that CGI as fuck flip at the end of the Karate Kid remake that was supposed to take YEARS to master.

  • I feel like the second one is better than the first. But the third is shit. (Somewhat of a spoiler). In the panda village it seems like there as been some inbreeding going on and you can clearly tell which characters give off that vibe. The story line is cliche and crap but the villain is decent and the visuals are amazing. At the same time it feels like the animation team were given new toys and wanted to show off they blow so much shit up.

  • Angelous Mortis says:

    I still think Jackie Chan should've gotten more lines in this movie series. I mean, come on! Jackie Chan! Take advantage of having him in your movie!

  • SenpaiDidn'tNoticeMe says:

    hello i know you just putting just a image to avoid copy right but can we at least see you explning it. seeing just the image gives me a headache for some reason.

  • Never having seen the movies, I really missed Doug showing footage in the background. It was glaring that I couldn't see anything when he discussed the look, colour and animation. Saying "Great" "fantastic" and "wonderful" repeatedly without anything to show for it, doesn't quite cut it.

  • this review sucks…is his face also violates Fair Use? I can take lack of movie footage, but NOT lack of reviewer on screen!

  • Devilish21885 Not my last name says:

    Instead of video that adds weight to the review, the viewers are left to imagine it. You can definitely tell the difference, having nothing to focus on but the still image. If this is frustrating for some of the viewers we can imagine how Doug and his team must feel, their work being contorted and made more difficult to process all because their viewing platform refuses to negotiate with them or hardly anyone else.

  • It's funny how everyone is mad about these videos re nothing but pictures and commentary when the originals are still up on a half-dozen channels, unblocked and everything. Or does that make it worse?……

  • I haven't seen the 3rd one yet but I was pleasantly surprised at how great the first and second films were, I really enjoyed them

  • The fascinating thing about these movies, is that they just keep getting better. Each time a new one comes out, I forget how great the last one was.

  • Nicolas EOZENOU says:

    After i understood why the review had the same image during all the video, i went to see the comment and i was surprise, in the good way i mean. The majority of comment are aware that it's beacuase of youtube, and not because of Doug, and yeah i say "the majority" because it's still internet, and there are a minority of dicks on the internet. But, largely, the viewers knows why, and this made me happy ^^
    PS: please excuse me if you can't understand all of the sentance, i am french, and i am still learning

  • Arthur Animordonuts says:

    I feel like a better ending would be that Tai Lung would be exhausted by Po's apparent inability to feel pain, and as a last resort, he'd use the Wuxxi Finger Hold, where Po would be unusually unsurprised by it, and then Po would use the Wuxxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung's extended finger, giving the same deus ex machina as the original, a super badass moment, and the conclusion to KFP3.

  • I have no idea why I don't like the movie. Its beautiful, funny, well animated…. and I had to physically force myself to sit through it at least once. Makes my teeth hurt and I wish I knew why.

  • Kung Fu Panda is the dumbest sounding title ever?
    Then I suppose you've never heard of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joking.

  • 'Good god it's beautiful! I couldn't believe how much atmosphere, movement, colour…'

    Man, it would be so handy to be able to actually see it.

  • I have followed this DMCA bullsh*t since the very start in the late 90s and this is almost exactly what critics of this law have warned about all along. Big copyright holders suing everyone left and right, crippling end users' rights which we have taken for granted for so long, with no real way to fight back.
    Back in the early 2000s no one gave a f*ck about copyright issues except for big corporations trying to make even more money and a few digital rights activists, and this is what we have now.
    Maybe some day people will learn that copyright is not a law of nature but a social contract, a right that the people grant artists and authors to make a living off their works. It is not a permission for record labels and movie studios to hold the cultural advancement and public discussion hostage because they can't get their throats full enough.

  • I wish that they'd let you use actual video. I didn't actually realize how much more engaged I am with the review when scenes from the movie are playing. Though my question, is why'd they made Po hot? I never imagined I'd be turned on by Jack Black in anything.

  • I fucking hate YouTube so much right now. Or whoever the hell is striking and taking down Doug's videos. #WTFU #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain when the FUCK is this gonna stop?!

  • what the hell is this? we can't even see you? is this how the reviews will be now? I want to at least see you! watching a screen that never changes is boring, and I love your work for your energy and sarcasm. If this is because some pricks are hounded you and everyone else because they are jerkwards and trying to claim your vids then that makes it far worse. I mean I looked up and watched some shows and movies because you talked about them! If they don't see it as free advertisement then they need to get new brains.

  • I'm so glad Doug likes this movie. I personally think Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2 are some of Dreamworks' best, so I was incredibly disappointed with how Kung Fu Panda 3 turned out. It didn't have nearly as much drama or well-written jokes as the first two movies did.

  • Olmstead Runyon says:

    Possibly the BEST animated film of the 21st century. Truly one of those rare films that both children & adults can appreciate together. Every point you made hit the mark; making this comment totally pointless! Anyways, your reviews are excellent.

  • When this film was first coming out I saw an ad for it on a bus stop with the word "Pandamonium" written across it, and I thought that was actually the title of the movie; it seemed like a really good, clever name for it. When I found out it was actually called Kung Fu Panda I was like…are you fucking kidding me?

  • I loved Kung Fu Panda. Still one of my favorite animated movies. I liked that they made it seem at first that Po was full of himself but it was just a character he was playing in his mind. A Po that was a cooler version of his actual self. And we find out later that Po actually hates himself and throughout the whole movie he hides his feelings from everyone else until the very end when the self loathing that he feels goes away.

  • You know, it's weird. All of the other videos on the channel, hell, a bunch in this playlist still allow video in the video. Only after the Bee Movie review, starting with Shrek Forever After, everything follows this podcast-esque format

  • He should review Shaolin Soccer- a movie that's more stupid funny than the Kung Fu Panda movies and which was said, at least on Wikipedia, to be an inspiration for Avatar the Last Airbender

  • God I hate how they take away the video, I thought it was ok as long as you are talking over it or whatever so your not just showing the movie to people in it's entirety… Ugh stop this shit guys, stop being Nazis allow the creators to do what they do and how they do it. Stop taking it away from them, STOP!

  • I watched this movie with my young daughter because I couldn't take watching Beauty and Beast again. I really expected nothing, but was quite pleasantly surprised.

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