Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Reverse Knife Slash Defense

Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Reverse Knife Slash Defense

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center in Seminole and today we are going to be showing you proper self
defense against a reverse knife slash. If somebody has a knife and you see them coming
in to slash inward what you want to do is you want to block and move to the outside
as quickly as possible. So you are here, step, you have their elbow facing you, you want
to twist, press above their elbow right here. You can either go for their elbow or on the
tricep. Twist your arm in, step behind, press straight down. So once again regular motion.
He comes in, step, press straight down. So it is very important while you are here don’t
pull the knife in towards you, you want to twist, you want to really step in and press
down. Keep their wrist above their elbow. Once again when he stabs step on the outside,
as he is slashing in, you catch them this way. You want to twist and press. Your main
aid besides the arm so go ahead one more time, is using the leg, this presses him straight
down to the ground and as you press pull inward this way. That’s proper self defense against
the reverse knife slash.


32 thoughts on “Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Reverse Knife Slash Defense”

  • Twist the arm, pressure on the tricep, collapse the knee. We do the same thing in our school, but with never go straight into a grab. If you always go straight for the grab, you'll often slip up, it's easier and safer to block, THEN switch to a grab. And don't grab at the wrist, just the slightest mistake can leave you without some fingers. Grabbing below the wrist can be just as effective.

  • I am very sorry, but no. You are really going to catch the attack at the wrist, which is the fastest moving part of the arm? At least in your knife awareness video you state that the likelihood of being cut is high. You look like a good martial artist, but I highly disagree with the notion that you can teach "proper" responses to knife attacks in a mere minute and a half. It's irresponsible.

  • knowing this is alot better than getting into a knife fight without knowing anything at all :p

    I've been taking kung fu for about two weeks, so I'm just a beginner. I gave my little cousin a plastic knife and tried these defense moves. They really work well…, but he's like 5 years younger than me lol :p

  • "And remember to do the moves at this speed since your opponent won't be moving at all while you try to remember how to do that move."

  • the best defence if you someone comming at you with a knife…. i call it operation GTFO, basically when he comes at you, kinda start pacing towards the closest buzy street, and then kinda…run

  • Nikolaos Poulianitis says:

    and if u cant escape?
    these tehniques are very good but i dont think
    u are going to use them in a real fight…
    if i saw a guy with a knife the first thing in mind would be run…so under that circumstances its way different

  • theotherdoomguy says:

    Brings the kinfe far too close to himself, if the guy gets any freedom at all, hell get stabbed in the side. Pointless video. Far better to do GTFO if u dont kno wat ur doin.

    Always remember if the guy has been following u, u wanna break his leg, non-fatal, and he wont be able to follow u, IF U KNO WAT U R DOIN!

    Otherwise, just run, keep an eye out for an easy and large cudgel, make sure he cant get close enough to use his knife on u.

  • Survival Vlogger says:

    Did anyone say that this guys techniques will get people KILLED?????
    I cant stand it anymore !!!!!! GET OFF THE NET!

  • FanatikosKafetzis says:

    The part I worry about is that he grasps directly the attacker's hand.

    If for any reason (his mistake or the attacker's action) the defending grasp goes underneath or above the armed hand, then what? The offensive move will have reached full speed and will be beyond his only shield….

    Why not block with your arm and then grab if you wanna do it? Like chi sau reflexes would indicate. You feel the attack and react to it…

    Please offer me your opinion, agreement or disagreement…

  • he wont shot you it against a manic because it would not be clear. those are technics that you would use in the real life more easialy if you are prepared

  • You are not going to catch a knife weilder like that.You'll be better off moving out the way and striking his exposed areas and trying to get the hell out of dodge.

  • llBboySmilesll says:

    i actually agree with this guy i my self i when i was in experienced in martial arts or any other fighting would come in and slash like that so i find this technique rather useful

  • to everybody left comment..do u ever faced a opponent with a knife in the hand that has knoledge about use it ? i have the ansewr…no ..coz there will be just few comments belive me !

  • mayb they should teach people first how to properly use a knife.. nobody who can use a knife will slash in like that.. most likely the guy wont even see you, the knife is quick and deadly.. this demo will get you killed, don't try it.. you can be stubborn and ignore comments here but seriosuly think about what you are doin, you are telling people this will work and believe me, this wont work. please dont endanger people like this.. please..

  • i learned always to kick people with knifes, and get something longer than aknife ;p it is really hard to grab an arm out of the air if swung at great speed

  • MATTCHEWONYOU411 says:

    @AlbertCG93 youre obviously fucking retarded, how can he pull his arm back if you have it grabbed at the wrist with his arm twisted behind him, pause at :46 and take a close look, he would have to move his straightened arm around his back beyond the possible shoulder socket extent to get even close to his abdomen you cocky little shit. and hit him till hes lying down? he has a knife, he could stab you before youre first strike even landed

  • Richard Luntz says:

    I agree-hit that elbow as hard as you can-drag his arm downward -body to floor-then stomp on him-no pressing at all-his arm is moving too fast- oldsgmajusmc in clrksville tn

  • What an attacker would do at 0:21: Turn his wrist out easily and slash again.
    What I would do from 0:21:
    Block and strike simultaniously and then take control of the weapon hand with both of mine. Whatever I want to do from there, I can. Kick to the groins, use triangle lock on his arm, use whatever I want.

  • You can not grab the arm of someone using a knife. Slashes come fast and powerful from every angle. If you grab someone that is using a knife you are going to get cut up.

    The best technique is to even the playing field, i.e., pick up a chair, or any dangerous object, slip your shoe over the lf hand like a shield. strike only at the eyes, neck, and groin… fast and forceful. avoid getting stabbed!!! don't hesitate, you may get cut but make the MF pay with his sight, airway or sex life.

  • Jeez guys, anyone wanting to stick a knife in you is most likely to be a coward and you probably won't know till the third time if you live that long.

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