Kung Fu Kicking Tips : Kung Fu Tornado Kick

Kung Fu Kicking Tips : Kung Fu Tornado Kick

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center. And in this clip, we’re going to be showing you how to perform the
Tornado Kick. Okay, so this kick involves a couple different actions. Okay, there’s
the stepping, the jumping and then there’s obviously the kicking action. Okay, so the
stepping action, you want to start about shoulder width apart, okay, you want to step out with
your front leg, starting to move forward. Okay, now after that, you want to start to
use your back leg and your arms at the same time, swing over, then you’re going to be
picking up your leg. So the full kick looks like this. So you step out, swing, jump, kick.
Okay. So again, you’re here, you step, swing the arms over, pick up the leg, then the final
action, the kick. So the leg comes straight up while you’re in the air, and hit the hand.
Okay, so once again, full speed. Okay. If you notice, you want to hit the hand with
the bottom of the foot, this way. Okay, you want to hit right in the middle of the foot.
Okay, so when you step, you turn, pick up the leg, and before this leg hits the ground,
you want to execute the kick. So once again at full speed. So you step, jump, twist, kick.
That’s the proper way to execute the Tornado Kick.


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