Kung Fu Karl – Halloween (Ep 25)

Kung Fu Karl – Halloween (Ep 25)

This has gotta be my favorite time of the year. If my history is correct, it all started when Satan
hopped on hell’s escalator up to Earth and tore it apart lookin’ for lost souls and full-sized candy bars. Now, that may sound terrifying, but you can still have a ton of fun. So here’s I can’t get enough of the slutty costumes on Halloween. It turns my “fun sized” into a “king sized,” if you know what I mean. Eheh heh heh heh. Anyway, you can go the standard route with the and of course, But those have all been done a million times, so try THESE sluts on for size! The slutty desk, the slutty used band-aid, and finally, The slutty slut. Ladies, try any of these on,
and you’ll be sure to win “best costume.” Except for the “slutty used band-aid.” That thing’s just nasty. Everybody loves to stuff their face on Halloween. But there’s always some crazy jerk out there who wants to tamper with your candy. Lucky for you, I’m a For a small fee, I’ll come trick-or-treatin’ with ya, and I’ll gladly test-chew all your candy. Is there a thumbtack in that chocobar? I’ll eat it first! There might be a machine gun in that lollipop. I’ll eat it first. Is that a razor blade in that apple? I’ll eat i- why, wait a minute,
who gives out apples on Halloween? Just throw it back through that jerk’s window. After I determine the candy is safe for consumption, I simply regurgitate it into your mouth
like a loving mama bird and we hit the next house! Short on cash and need a last-minute costume? Well here’s Spoiled shrimp plus a parking cone equals “busted sewer pipe!” A blindfold plus an intersection equals “a car accident!” Tube socks plus a garbage bag equals “Socktopus, Ruler of the Deep.” Clown makeup plus anything equals… super creepy. I don’t like clowns… Finally, tighty-whities plus yellow jellyfish equals “Kung Fu Karl.” Added bonus: any Kung Fu Karl costume is automatically sexy. Follow these tips and you’ll
have the best Halloween ever. Until Satan steals all the fun-sized chocobars
and drags us all to the fiery pits of hell. Anyway, I’m gonna go eat my delicious lookin’ costume, So here’s Never eat barbequed ribs in a port-o-potty. Because there is never any napkins in there. Can’t get enough Karl? Tweet your questions at ASKKFK, or stop by my facebook page
for more of my awesome drawings! It’s question time. My favorite costume was
when I dressed up as a robot that transformed into a sexy vampire werewolf. Leave your answer in the comments below.


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