Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie Part 18

Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie Part 18

In the world of kung fu,
speed defines the winner. The Beast is the best of them all. The Axe Gang extends its respect! The real masters,
together in one room! Only the world’s top killer… …has such an aura. Likewise. Could you two be the fated lovers…? Paris… …and Helen of Troy! A pleasure, indeed. We’re here to deal
with the Axe Gang… …and only the Axe Gang. You should’ve killed me before. Now you’re committing suicide. You’re living on borrowed time. You can’t escape your fate! What’s this? A funeral bell? With the Beast here,
let’s see whose funeral it is! So you’re on their side? Don’t get me wrong. I only want to kill you… …or be killed by you. What do you think? The good cannot coexist with the bad.
You can’t escape your destiny. So be it. Let’s do it. Okay. Let’s do it! Piece of cake. I can handle this. Good try, but a little off target.


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