Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Crane Kung Fu Kick Blocking Techniques

One of the movements from the crane style
we’re going to demonstrate, like crane closes wings and a single leg crane stance. This
is usually just a transitional stance, used either to block a kick, in a process of a
kick, or to lunge forward to the attacker. What we’re doing in this case is block a
kick. As I am stepping down, they punch high, and using a high block. My opposite hand comes
on hits low. I then arc step around, this hand grasps and I perform an arm lock through.
We’ll demonstrate that as much as we can. What I’m doing first is…go and bring just
a low kick. I’m bringing this against the kick, punch to the head. This one goes as
a head block. That strikes low, this wraps around, and goes into an arm lock, which can
be utilized to throw down. We can turn it quickly to an arm break and our submission
Another crane technique we have, this is crane turns to the side blocks the both wings. Again,
goes to the block, both hands come over to the oncoming hand, whether it’s a hand with
a weapon or empty hand. This goes behind the head, we hit to the knee and then go to a
throw. If this hand is coming through, I’m bringing both hands in here to stop, since
my opponent is bigger. This slides behind the head, I pull down, pushing it in the knee
kick, and then go to a throwing technique, pressing up in the arm and down behind the


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