KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to use Front Kicks in a real fight


86 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to use Front Kicks in a real fight”

  • The be very honest, police officers fight more than military men.  This concept of military attitude is a waste, police are better for self defense.

  • Mental Inlander says:

    how to have a fast kick with booth feet advance and not advance. im not a strong guy rather than fighting i wuld prefer kick enemy's ball and run away. teach me master.

  • Eric Battlefield says:

    Best part of vid @ 1:57…"you don't have to fight". A true master of his/her art will always avoid a fight if he/she can. Thank you and I enjoy watching your vids.

  • Strano modo di usare calci frontali,ma ancora più strano è il controllo. Perché controllarlo se l'aggressore ha già preso un frontale e una serie di colpi nella nuca?pare un po insensato.

  • Oleksii Polishchuk says:

    стойка изначально неправильная-зачем держать пах открытым???

  • Unless I'm wearing shoes, I'm never doing a front kick. Screwed up trying to break a board and tore the flexer tendon in one of my toes. Lovely pain after that.

  • Mark E. DeSade says:

    You can't fight anyway unless your mentality is focused on doing so! In other words, you have to be mad and fighting for a principle or for a reason that burns inside of you. And I will also add, people have different body types: Fighting a thin man that weighs 145 to 165 pounds is a whole different ballgame than fighting a man that weighs 250 and who is hard to maneuver using martial arts moves. I have seen and sparred with guys so heavy that a foot sweep is like trying to uproot an oak tree out of the ground. You had better stick to good ole conventional–what nature teaches and dictates that you do–fighting if you're going to survive. Blocking is not something new, neither is punching, neither is kicking. They have been practiced since man first walked the earth. I'll put my money on the guy fighting for a reason or a principle that he feels in his heart has been violated, who is coming at you with his eyes as red as embers and with both of his arms flexing and swinging like a train smoking out of hell itself, my money will go on that guy against the flashiest Kung Fu or Karate or Krav Maga man on earth. My sigung, my great grandmaster, told me some advise that I hold-fast to "Keep it practical" If it isn't practical, all it is then is something to either get you hurt or either render itself useless and futile in a fight.

  • Good principles and techniques but they don't always work the way shown. The pushing front kick can be caught easily if thrown high and if you cannot produce significant power with it you are not going to be able to "push" someone off with it. A sidekick is significantly better for pushing an opponent away and gaining distance. A front kick with the rear leg is better when aimed at the hip girdle or legs. Also a whip kick to the groin may not cause someone to bend over in pain often people will jump back to avoid the kick or crouch down into a guarded position and just bear the pain.

  • Thats why jews invented this martial art, because Europeans have something they dont have – morale. These practics, kicking nuts, grabbing hair no thats not how I want to fight, I want to fight like a man!

  • Cogito ErgoSum says:

    Has anyone actually had any real-life opportunity in implementing these techniques? Would love to hear some real stories. Because what I have seen as a street fight, it's a bunch of males all tearing each other apart, hitting and kicking without looking where, how and why. Well, at least that's how it is where I come from.

  • Krav Maga, IDF 'defense'… just shows you 69 techniques to attack defenseless pregnant and older women, small children and elderly adults in general. It's very easy to do. Especially when you are in possession of a GUN and a bunch of soldiers around you. Period. That's all it is.  Real targets are NOT stationary. The dynamics of a real fight do not apply to this fantasy. Peace.

  • I can't believe the amount of ignorance that fills the comments in martial art videos. Some people complain about this stuff being "cheap" and "dishonorable" while others say it would never work in an undefined "real" fight. 
    Understand that techniques like these are for violent urban situations where your only goal is to GET HOME SAFE. There is no "honor" or "manliness"  in defending your life. It's about SURVIVAL. And all this video does, is say that IF you choose to use front kicks in that scenario, this is the proper way to do so. Notice the emphasis on looking around, eliminating threats and escaping the situation. 
    For those who think this isn't effective, please explain how a swift kick to the balls with appropriate follow-up or a well-balanced, properly-executed push kick isn't effective for the goal I just described.
    btw Krav puts heavy emphasis on moving around (i.e. not being stationary) and expecting your opponents to do the same. Get educated on everything the system really teaches before making derpy comments about what you think it is and is not.

  • Filippo Montalegni says:

    Scusate la domanda probabilmente stupida, ma se l avversario vi blocca il calcio e si prende la vostra gamba com una presa molto stretta come fate a liberarvi? Comunque i vostri video sono stupendi

  • To all KM prcticioners: Is there ANY kick to a head in KM? I only saw that low area kicks what are fast, powerful and easy to to (esp for beginners an elder people). And of course hard to block. And i see that in KM  the knees were well used, same often as like punches.

  • Does anyone know if there is a less damaging way to use these techniques on an opponent. I have mosh pits with my friends often and I like to have the upper hand with these techniques, but I don't want to seriously hurt them or put them in the hospital.

  • that is karate 🙂 dont worry. Im  not "karate cocky" fela. i know that krav is much better than karate. i know krav is best in world. however nice to see that krav use some karate kicks. i dont know krav very well so my question is what is effectiveness of front kick on one on one in street fight? my sensei said that if u train front kicks to perfection its very very effective. smiplest ways are the best he said. specially groin kick. would be effective against very experienced krav maga master? peace.

  • Leg kicks both inside and outside are good in a streetfight, most people are so angry and focussed on hurting you that theyre open to many things, leg kicks will take them off balance and open them up to many other things, take the bounce right out of them, put them on the floor, pop they're knee out or just break the leg…train your shins tho people 🙂

  • Also I was taught not to throw rear leg push kicks coz if you miss you will walk onto a straight right or an elbow…clinch or trip…

  • If i get attacked on the street whilst with my significant other, imma rip and gauge the persons eyes out, kick their testes, punch the throat, anything to survive. I'm just saying…

  • Great advice. Hope you don't mind but some quick advice for future videos, your using a DSLR camera and they make a terrible annoying noise when they autofocus and have terrible built in microphones. You need to turn the focus to manual and buy an external shotgun mic, they audio quality will be much much better.

  • Those front kicks work really well. Muy Thai guys use those all the time. Theres nothing worse than a solid boot to the sternum.

  • Joseph Kennedy says:

    I'm not sure krav maga is all that anymore for the naysayer's I never said there no good in it just my opinion that the art is not up to par with other more fluid combat arts I.e. panatukan kajukenbo etc.

  • Elisabetta Kohen says:

    Ottimo video,bravi. ad ogni modo si può colpire efficacemente l'inguine anche con la gamba dietro. Che dici dei calci che partono dall'anca invece che dal ginocchio?

  • Austin DeLaRosa says:

    never stand flat footed when you throw any kick lead leg or rear always come up on the tips of your foot when throwing ……more power more distance closed and most importantly your not in a wide stance if you do so allowing your self to be swept and always aim with the knee and always chamber the leg to get full whipping motion of the kick


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  • Karl-Heinz Tatort says:

    Glaub das Video hat den Titel verfehlt, das zeigt eher wie man Front Kicks ausübt, und nicht wie man sie abwehrt, aber egal.
    Sieht ja gut aus ^^

  • Krav maga has nothing to do with MMA, it is not a martial art. It's a combat system which is made for real life situations, not a cage fight.

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