KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to escape from the Headlock

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to escape from the Headlock

Lasst uns nun den Schwitzkasten (Headlock) sehen, das ist dieser hier Ich kann ihn schlagen oder auf den Boden bringen In dieser Postion ist es wichtig Schläge zu blocken und den Druckpunkt unter der Nase zu treffen. Ich mache diese Bewegung nicht einfach nur mit der Stärke meiner Arme, da ich [dort] nicht genug Beweglichkeit habe. Folglich muss ich meinen ganzen Körper benutzten um die Bewegung richtig auszuführen. Ich drehe meinen Körper und schlage in die Weichteile oder auf die Nase. Das ist Verteidigung mit dem ganzen Körper: Ich drücke mein Kinn gegen sein Schlüsselbein. Dann schlage ich ihn und breche aus dem Schwitzkasten (Headlock) aus. Ich bewege mein Bein hinter ihn und schlage den Druckpunkt unter der Nase


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  • Grandissimo Luca, l'evoluzione del Krav Maga, la lotta totale, l'unica palestra in cui si impara a combattere a 360 gradi, in piedi e a terra e si fa combattimento reale…

  • Sorry but that escape would not work against a skilled grappler or any determined fighter. That escape is as old as the hills and is ineffective.

  • Yes people this won't work on a mma Guru, it's not meant for sport fighting it's meant for the streets. There's a lot of street fighting videos on YouTube where people get in the headlock an don't know what to do

  • A lot of girls like to pull hair when they have their opponent in a headlock. What do you do to stop her from doing that?
    P.S: I am not a trouble maker, I avoid fights, I don't like them, but I would like to be prepared in case I get caught in something (hopefully not).

  • Idk why anyone would actually take Krav Maga lessons because it's literally only death-moves, this shit it just regular martial arts and even then it'll destroy someone. Are you really trying to groin smash, throat crush, and palm strike peoples noses in a drunken club/bar fight?

  • Matt Persiani says:

    That is a big Italian…all I have to work on is size now…XD haha.

    PS: Whoever said we Italians are lovers, not fighters, was wrong.  We're both, we're just that gifted XD haha.

  • 1. headlock is ment to be the first step to a throw..or hip toss of sorts, it was never ment for hold and punch or choke.
    2. The escapes I learnt are different to these, i would say more effective because they take into account male vs female were reach and strength play a huge factor.
    3. Learn about the body..muscle attachment points, acupressure points in the elbow…learn where they are, learn how to erm harm them, makes life alot easier when the arm fails to work and the brain says  PAIN PAIN SOMETHING WRONG WITH ARM.  The more tense the attacker is at the time of application the more effective the result :).

    Not taking anything away from this instructor though, i have seen a few of his vids and he has a good idea of whats what.  All the best.

  • Haseeb RandomHD says:

    This time he showed what to do when you are on your feet but not when you are down and your enemy over you and hitting you on the face! Is it the same movement? When you are on the ground? I was in a fight and it was 2 against 1, so one dude grabbed a headlock from the back and made me fell on the ground and the other guy i met was pretty fat so he was totaly over me and i had no chance of getting up and he sure as hell busted my left eye up!

  • Guys, please remember these are defensive techniques. Defend, strike, and get out ! They are not meant to use standing toe-to-toe. These will allow an individual to have an opportunity to survive an attack, not kick someones ass. 17 years of experience against perpetrators of all sizes

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Just one thought when you have him on the ground why not just twist and break his arm that way there is less chance of him getting back up to chase you

  • Osama Manzoor says:

    ts awesome And very useful the steps u are teaching are the most difficult to learn , Thanks Sir but There is a problem u are teaching us on A small heighted People but if u can make on Long highted people then it will be better as most of the people have trouble while having fight with a long highted person

  • giushotokan giu says:

    Affascinante il Krav Maga. Qualora l'avversario fosse un esperto di arti marziali? Maestro qual'è la Sua opinione in merito?
    Complimenti ancora

  • John Frankovich says:

    Go ahead and push on my "pressure point", i'll keep smashing yours in with punches. Terrible defense. No one's just magically letting go after you boop their nose.

  • i don't see why people put this martial art down and say its fake in a real life situation where you were being attacked you would do anything to get away including nut shots

  • can you put a video incase if the attacker headlocks and take us to the ground while punching,
    if we fail to do the first counter.


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  • será q vc pode tirar uma dúvida , se o agressor me dar a chave de pescoço com um braço meu preso junto , como posso sair ?

  • Mystical Dragon says:

    This is effective people I pressure tested this stuff! The difference is this is a street defense where you do illegal moves that aren't allowed in MMA fights!

  • nonamesorryaboutthat says:

    This really does work if you know how to drop them properly. I've noticed that the tighter the hold on their nose and the harder the twist the easier they fall. I've been training KM for 8 months now , i am a tiny 5'3 tall woman and i managed to drop a man twice my size in 5 seconds. However it takes time to learn.

  • Good video but I prefer a slightly modified technique. It starts the same but once you have his head bent back just spin into him and throw a hammer fist with your other hand straight into his exposed throat.

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