KO SOTO GARI – 100 techniques du Judo – SKILBILL

KO SOTO GARI – 100 techniques du Judo – SKILBILL

So , Ko soto gari We will say that vulgarly it is a small eighth leg it is a a small outside mowing unlike o soto gari which is a great mowing outside but here the idea is to make a small eighth leg on his right leg holding the sleeve with the seizure as usual So even if it looks simple, that says it is but it has allowed some to become very great champions, for example KEIJI SUZUKI became Olympic champion in 2004 practically with this technique So, traditional seizure I will shift my left foot to make a small step chased what is called how in Japanese? Come on I’ll tell you Tsugi Ashi A little bit complicated, but it’s easy … 1 .. 2 … 3 I will then look for the heel with the flat foot. I will try to lift the heel … here He will have a reaction to lift his foot and well I will continue to accompany his move to continue to keep control and put him on the back. Do we start again? 1 … 2 … 3 …. I accentuate And most of all , i follow the action then for the more expert benjamins, minims one can leave on the other side, that is to say to have the Ko Soto gari with his right foot and on the side of the reverse It’s a bit more complicated because the partner must know how to fall in that direction He has to hold his hand to my sleeve to free that hand there and fall with that hand So my right foot is advanced, the Tsugi ashi the small particular move, on the other side, towards there. 1 … 2 .. 3 .. and I release his hand so that he falls understood ?
At work ! Small detail in bonus, this technique allows to prepare other movements of greater range like your special for example so the idea, if I work on the reverse and I will attack the back leg On a right-handed person who is like that with his back leg it’s going to be to get his leg …. To have a back link action What is very important to remember to achieve well this technique already at the level of the upper body, is to fix the point of support down, whether it is the sleeve if I go to this side Or the reverse if I go that way there Then concerning the movement of the legs we gain an extra time, we go much faster if we make a Tsugi Ashi a step chased forward Then third thing to have the foot always open, soles a little bit upwards to be able to hang the heel, to rise and to move forward with the partner until the projection Right here Until the end your turn ! Key-Points Fix the point of support downwards Steps-chased forward soles a little bit upwards Hook the heel


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