KO SOTO GAKE – 100 techniques du Judo – SKILBILL

KO SOTO GAKE – 100 techniques du Judo – SKILBILL

Ko soto gaké … it’s almost the same as ko soto gari except that Gari is a mowing gaké it is a hook, So at the level of the seizure, it is always the same idea, Take the sleeve here For the reverse, at the collar OK So then I will get closer to the partner, Stick my chest To engage the leg that will crochet out In Ko soto gari we were well external too but with the other leg Here I will hang with this leg And I will try to be in the hollow of his leg To have a strength with my calf in his calf and have that movement there contact hanging Then an opportunity to realize this Ko soto Gaké which is very classic I will use an attack of my partner who will turn in Taï Otoshi and I would be directly placed in Ko soto gaké on the other hand it requires of me a first action of evasion For which I will lift the leg and pivot To find myself face to face We will redo So some key points about this Ko soto Gaké Already have a good partner fixation To keep your support down …
Then move towards him with a Stugi Ashi, seen previously in the course of Ko Soto Gari And having a hook at the level of the hollow of the knees, calf against calf Obviously! Do not do what I have just done here! Keep contact until the end One can keep the melee or one can stay a little higher , on an amplitude toward considering a connection standing-ground Key-Points Fix the point of support downwards Steps chased forward Sticking to the knees calf against calf A small extra bonus , for experts Who will be able to dig on the situation of ko soto gaké Get ko soto gaké as a web Simply by combining it with ko soto gari So I do ko soto gari The partner will tend to defending to back his rear leg If this is the case, first I have to make sure that my mowing leg does not mow It will arise Then I will continue to go towards his foot there towards his diagonal Put my weight on the body, secure my posture then crochet the second leg and bring it to the ground We’ll do it again Once again


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