Knife Stabbing Self Defense Tips

Knife Stabbing Self Defense Tips

Hey guys Nick Drossos here we are looking at the defense against stabbing attacks. They are happening more and more common around the world where people are just being randomly attacked. And you know a lot of people ask me well Nick how do I trap a knife? Where do I trap the knife? How do I strike? The number one most important part in knife defense stabbing attacks is awareness. If I’m at the bus stop and I’m standing at the bus and, conceal the knife, and I see Nick standing behind me and I see one arm here. For whatever reason he makes me feel uncomfortable, my intuition when I saw him I can’t see his hand, I’ll just kinda turn around find a way to like just pretend I’m looking for something and walk and I’ll keep my eye on him. Once the knife comes out, you got a serious problem, like it’s a knife fight. If I’m talking to him, and he decides stab, and I step in, that’s when you want to intercept it. Once the knife comes out, you’re getting cut. You’re probably going to get stabbed maybe once or twice before you even realize you’re getting stabbed and then to actually trap it. However, if you’re are prepared and you’re aware. I’m going to close my eyes and just position yourself anywhere around me without touching me.
Tell me when you’re done.>>Ok.>>Okay. So I can’t even see him, go somewhere where I can at least see you a little bit in my field of vision. Ok, I can see him right there, okay. I can see this part, I know the knife is not in this hand, it’s probably on the other hand… Because, I know. And he’s about I think 50-50 distribution.
So if this was real, and I saw him. And he walks in my space, I angle off right away, and what’s up? I would start talking to the person or maybe I just pretend like I’m looking at something. And I would take a second and scan. Where is his hands? Where is he moving? Is he angling off. Is he looking around? Is he making a signal? Does he have his hands in his pocket? One hand in his pocket. Did he shift his weight? Is he looking at me? Is he coming closer? Is he pacing and checking me out? Guys, this is the most important self defense tool, tip, strategy whatever… That I can give you. This is where it all starts… Or, he walks at the bus I’m at the bus stop, he walks in and I see him and I do this like “yeah it’s nothing” and he decides to stab me. Go, and I’m already getting stabbed. So by the time he starts stabbing I’m like what the freak is going on and then I got trapped and move in. However, if let’s say he comes in the bus stop and I see him. And he does this and he’s looking at me, I can see his face looking down on me, he’s angling off, I can’t see his hands. He’s walking towards me I’m here. Bam! I’m ready to step in right away. That’s where it all starts. It’s about being proactive, being able to pick up the cues and the signals prior to the attack and that is the being aware through the present moments. So what are some great tips I can give you? put down your phone, take off your earphones, be in the present moment, scan your surroundings, take a minute, if you walk into a restaurant, you walk in a public place. Who is there? Who’s around me? Where are my exits? This is, for me it’s becoming natural instinct that I do every time I go out. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video, if you want to learn more self defense go visit our website Stay safe and stand strong.


16 thoughts on “Knife Stabbing Self Defense Tips”

  • surviving susan says:

    When I use to teach I had people form a line behind someone and they would stomp then come at you with a knife,club or even a grab or choke hold and it really helps with response time not knowing whats coming. It's a very good exercise to help with freezing up even with all the moves you know.

  • me as an unexpirienced fighter. isnt it dumb to move your hands towards the knive when you try to unarm the person ? like you always teach us ? great vid again you always help me alot thank you very much.

  • I used to joke about that last part, scanning a restaurant, looking for exits, etc… Bourne stuff…. and then, in my beautiful city, some psychos/terrorists decided that a great idea for a nice evening was to go around killing people with ak47 in the streets, in cafés and in a concert hall. All on the same night. I'm not making jokes about that stuff anymore.

  • Well, in my country you are going to have a lot of signals on that radar… a good advice will be camouflage yourself, don't go out with cloth that says, I have the dope

  • SuperMichelleDJ says:

    What if I cut someone's arm really deep instead of just stabbing. It doesn't matter what part of your body you're projecting towards me, if I want you to bleed out, I don't need to cut arteries. My suggestion is you'd better fucking run away from me or throw something at me or shoot me.

  • Where is your flick knife. get it out and palm it if your picking up bad vibes as you back up.Are you nuts reaching for his knife hand. As soon as you see it coming at you.

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