Kihon: The Essence of Karate

Kihon: The Essence of Karate

You know what irritates me? When people say that kihon is “basic” – as if kihon is something simplistic and not advanced, when in fact, I believe kihon is the most difficult thing we have in Karate! Why? Because kihon is not what you do, kihon is not going back and forth in the dojo with punches – kihon is how you do everything you do; including punching, steppin,g blocking, striking, throwing, breathing, standing, and moving. The rest is just application of kihon; kumite, kata, bunkai, all of these things are different contexts, different venues, different ways to apply kihon. But perhaps the greatest application of kihon is as a tool against your own ignorance and inability to express the fundamental principles of Karate. That is kihon to me.


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