Good morning, everybody Getting our Lego Land times There’s mama be doing her morning yoga quick Express yoga Good morning, everyone. It’s like 7:00 in the morning and we are honoring So we’re going to show you as much as possible Take you guys along the ride with us, and then there’s like a green or red carpet is it a red carpet or green carpet? I have no idea, I think it’s a red and green carpet We’ll have to see. All right, let’s go. Legoland Florida right here. Well it’s like coming back home. You know, when you grow up Great answer, all right, allright. How are you? Anything okay, so I’m working. I think I’m going to go okay perfect! Thank you Well mommy got her hair did, mommytube got her hair did wow ladies look at our meeting? Red Carpet ready welcome to legoland where all of your wildest dreams come true. pedro from nepolian dynamite. Are you guys ready? You guys ready for the red carpet yeah, she cheats by the way. No, she’s a huge cheater These guys are on there. [they’re] roblox game it was Accepted like a would first star Wars forces that as an added incentive And a bitter for the better, this is the world’s fastest Lego world tour A minute like real ninja [yeah], yeah the real ninjas you guys have ninja stars on you Let me just talk you [guys] would be like really quiet when you get home at night You guys like you’ll enter the like there’s the top window not for the front door. Yeah A lot of [evasion] we are the first one to try out the new Ninjago ride. No kidding mommy and Daddy Everyone’s very excited everybody’s ready to go everyone’s all jacked up into these a garage. We’ve got high fiber. We get high so it’s Awesome all my kidneys. My arms are so cluttered. You know not for anything, but I got [the] high score they’re out of the for Your [user] thank you so much for good wholesome family fun. Yeah, well. Thank you. We try we have to tell you it shows for sure Julian’s Gonna beat you guys all looks just like a little spider climbing across This is just a regular elevator. That’s never yeah Yeah, no, it’s going to the top. We’ll see you guys Okay number two freshen up and then go to park [oh] my God You’re going are you ready? Mommy? Do you like this one? I do are you? Sarge I’m going with you’re going On is going you’re going well it means it now it dropped Now there’s like a justifying drop Wait wait for it wait for it Yeah, you see everything from here We have nice and relaxing Hello [saigon] yeah buckle [up] [yeah] You can try girl squad all right monkey Tube. That’s gonna be your new nickname monkeys do the [mister] monkey right there all right these guys are going to go on the dragon and Hopefully not get sick because they both ate a lot of pizza. Hey good for [slice] [the] pizza Anyway, oh man, are you able to hold it down? We’re not Petunia. I think there was [Erica] hi. Good yes, I use your here the whole time Bugling Lego contraband Lego, okay, Mama B Is not the biggest fan of Roller coasters that drives a window that dragon window but that was terrifying, but we’re actually going back to another Roller coaster now my coach Thesaurus [Ken] are these Roller coasters chill are they super till there’s [my] over half your Idf Chill is different from my idea So we’re at the driving school now. What’s your prediction? Do you think miss monkey is going to lift me the rules Okay guys. Thanks for watching we look mama B’s getting kicked out again. Oh, okay this monkeys going to go We’re good. Okay. They [can] take her now. We got the bag. Let’s go. Yeah y’all Thanks for watching everybody, please like – leave a comment down below if you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left hand a little things will pop up and you [can] subscribe if you already have subscribes Please forget everything [that] I have just said It’s my radio voice but


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