Kicked In Door Jamb Repair

Kicked In Door Jamb Repair

Hi and welcome to Coolfixin’. This video
will teach you how to repair an exterior door which has been kicked in. First
let’s examine the basic structure of an outside door. The framing surrounding the door consists of 2×4 or 2×6 studs. The jamb is attached to the frames by screws
or nails. The door is attached to the door jamb with hinges. When a door is
kicked in the frame is not damaged. But the door jamb damage is a bit tricky to
repair. The first step to repair the door jamb is to remove the door trim on the
broken jamb. The left and top door trim is in place.
We have already removed the right door trim which was on the broken jamb. Next
identify the jamb section which must be removed as indicated by this red outlined
area. First we will remove the weather stripping. Then, we will remove the
damaged jamb section. Let’s start cutting the top horizontal mark with our
oscillating tool. Before the second cut we must adjust the circular saw to the
right depth. Here our circular saw depth is too much. It would cut the jamb but
would also cut into the 2×4 framing behind the jamb. We do not want to cut
the framing. This adjustment to the circular saw depth is too shallow. It
would not cut the frame but it would not cut the entire jamb thickness either.
Finally this is the proper depth to cut the jamb but not to cut the 2×4 framing.
Let’s make our vertical cut. This is very loud so earplugs are recommended. If
needed, use the oscillating tool to complete the cut. Now here is the removed broken jamb. The damaged section had a measurement of 32 inches long by 1-3/4
inch width. The 1-3/4 inch width is standard on many doors.
The replacement jamb section is measured on this 1×4. The jamb section has
been cut and 1/8 inch pilot holes have been drilled to attach the replacement
section. You must pre-drill or your new jamb will crack. It is very important to use shims to
ensure that your replacement section is flush with your original jamb. At this
point the original jamb is flush with our new jamb.
Now we will use 1-5/8 inch screws to install the new jamb. Next put a screw through the shim. First
pre-drill with a 1/8 inch bit. Now drill our 1-5/8 inch screw
through the shim. Attaching the bottom of the replacement section is not shown. But, you must repeat this process of installing a shim so that the bottom of
the replacement section is flush with the original jamb. After attaching the
bottom and top of the replacement section we can trim the shims with our
oscillating tool. Next reinstall the weather stripping. Since ours was
deteriorated, we installed new weather stripping. Close the door and mark where the center
of the latch meets the jamb. You will drill a 1 inch hole. The
perimeter of the hole is a 1/2 inch from the edge of the jamb. The center of
the hole is 1 inch from the edge. Now use a 1 inch drill bit to create your
hole. Our strike has been installed over our 1
inch drilled hole. Now outline the strike to mark its indentation. Use your
oscillating tool to create a 1/4 inch indentation for the strike. Now reinstall your strike. Here is our jamb repair before painting,
caulking and trim reinstallation. The locations between the original jamb and
the jamb section replacement have been caulked. Caulk has been applied to fill
the small gaps around the strike. The jamb has been painted and the trim has
been reinstalled. This jamb repair is of excellent quality because it works as
well and looks as good as the original. Please “Like” us, that really makes us feel
great and check out other tutorials from Coolfixin’. Thanks for watching.


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