Kickboxing Combinations Tutorial- 3 Effective Combos

Kickboxing Combinations Tutorial- 3 Effective Combos

Hey it’s Sifu James from New York Martial Arts Academy and if you’re seeing this video it means we have a location near
you. Today we’re going to go over hitting combinations that hit the head, the body
and the legs within the same combo. So I’m right here. First one’s real
easy, I’m going to fire a straight lead, off that straight lead, I’m going to slip, fire the
body shot, and then hit the leg. So we’re going to go straight lead, dig, chop. One more time, straight lead, dig, chop, just like that. I’ll do it a little slower.
Straight lead on the retraction of the straight lead, I slip a little bit,
fire to dig to the body, cross parry as I’m firing that low kick right there.
Combo number two, we’re at range for this one so I enter in on that
inside low kick, our pendulum hook kick, bang and I go jab cross
bang. I’m going to put the knee right behind it. We’re going to go over those details in
a second. Pendulum hook kick, jab, cross and I’m firing that knee. Now it’s
important to stay covered during the entirety of the move right. So
when I’m here my lead hand is my lever, my back hand is my cover. Jab, cross this hand is here, I keep this glove out, put this one in front of me before the knee because
when you’re kneeing, you want two things in front of you so somebody can’t
fire straight right, straight left down the pipe. Another thing
is when I’m entering here, my shoulder is high, my shoulder is high when I’m firing
on that straight lead and the cross and again I’m keeping my hands out,
firing that knee, getting right back to center. Next one’s pretty cool too.
So I start with the 1-2. I go 1-2 inside low kick, fire. So one more time, 1-2, inside low kick, switch, fire. Details again. I enter on the 1-2, keeping
everything tight, I take a baby side step, open, fire. One more time 1-2,
baby side step, open and fire. So if you notice all three of those combos hit
every level, the head, the body, the legs and that’s what good combos do. Stop in,
meet one of the instructors and come in and take a trial class thank you so much


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