Kick Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Indian Action Comedy HD

Kick Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Indian Action Comedy HD

My uniform’s decorated by many medals But one stain I don’t know who he is Where he is All I know is his name Devil You’re after Devil, Devil’s after you Too much fun Google will give you an answer for everything Except for him My life’s biggest tragedy What kind of boy has Shina found for herself? He beats up people But he’s really nice Take me in handcuffs please There’s a kick in it He’s been to jail But he’s really nice He has changed nine languages today Keeps repeating there’s no kick in speaking one language What the hell is a Kick? You’ll endanger anyone’s life just for a kick? There’s no life without a kick I was born a nice guy too But it never worked for me Let’s see who is this Devil bigger than us Don’t think too much about me You’ll love me But you won’t understand me Eid is coming And he’ll definitely come for his gift


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