Kick Lab Episode 4 – Anderson’s Famous Front Kick Technique

Kick Lab Episode 4 – Anderson’s Famous Front Kick Technique

hello guys welcome back. I’m here with my daughter Kauana and today we’ll teach the best and the special the front kick in Kick Lab you guys I go try to explain about the
front kick that’s very good technique I using a lot and helped me to win my
fights okay so in that situation you can use a, you have the
different punches the one is the jab for cover the face or cross. So in that
situation let’s go using the cross when you’re doing the cross front kick.
Why are you using the punch first? just for covered the face and take the
attention for your opponent for dont’t see where the the kick come right? let’s go again Kauana go show the kick, please don’t
kill me, let’s go so one punch and front kick so in that situation can kick both legs
the front kick. The front leg jab and front kick and the back leg are using jab too
and back leg in the same situation I learned this kick when I start martial
arts because that’s the regular kick for different martial arts you have this kick
in capoeira, taekwondo, karate I practice this kick for a long time in my
life and I think because I have long legs help me to use it in the
different situation because giving the distance and give me good results when I
kick. The special fight with Vitor Belfort I just looking the good opportunity for
using this kick because Vitor is the south paw the same as me, but Vitor never imagining the kick come from the same leg I using for protect
my face and protect my body and that’s I think helped me to using this kick and
win the fight with Vitor Belfort thank you guys this is the front kick
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