Kick High and Far! How to Take a Goal Kick/LONG Backspin Shot Tutorial

Kick High and Far! How to Take a Goal Kick/LONG Backspin Shot Tutorial

Hey everybody, This is my tutorial on how to take a goal kick. Before I start, I want to say that this is especially important for goal keepers, but it is also useful for any position on the field. For defenders, it’s useful for clearing the ball out, and for midfielders– if you’ve ever watched David Beckham play, and see him switch the ball to the opposite winger or strike a ball up perfectly to the forward, he uses this kick. So, it’s really useful for pretty much any position on the field. Now, the basis of this kick is to strike under the ball and to follow through so that you get a lot of backspin. You’ll get the most power if you can kick the ball with this part of the foot. That’s up here, on the laces. Maybe the trickiest part of this is getting the position right, with your foot kicking the ball really low on the ball, and still making contact up here on the laces. For this to work, you have to plant your foot far away from the ball so that your kicking leg is in full extension. When you want a ball to dip, or to drop suddenly, you want to give it top-spin. But a goal kick is pretty much the opposite of a dip shot. You want to keep it in the air as long as possible. So the point of this is to get backspin on the ball. To do that, you must strike under the ball, then the follow-through has to stay down. DON’T kick up on these shots. Sometimes, when you’re really stressing for power, trying to get as much power as possible, you might jump and follow-through upward. But that’s not the way to get the ball the farthest down the field. Instead,you just keep the foot down, and slide across your body. It should look like this. You HAVE to get under the ball, and this shot can work if you approach it like this. But the problem is that you’re getting too much with the side of the foot here. You will get way more power if you can get it on your LACES, and angle more like this. You see, I’m angling my ankle down. If you take another look at it, you’ll see that this entire left side of my shoe is touching the ground. That way, as you slide through the ball, the initial contact is made around here, and you end up finishing up here on the ball. When you’re first practicing this technique, it’s not smart to start from 50 or 60 yards out. It’s better to start from a moderate distance, wherever you’re most comfortable from. When you’re practicing from this spot, just focus on the technique. Maybe accuracy, if you want to aim for the post to make it more exciting/fun. BUT most importantly, DON’T practice from 50 or 60 yards out at first. Wait till this whole thing is second nature for you, because when you’re really far back, you’re just gonna focus on power, you’re gonna forget everything about this technique.


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