Khabib Nurmagomedov kicks Conor McGregor’s ass, but…

Khabib Nurmagomedov kicks Conor McGregor’s ass, but…

Alright khabib encounter and then full admittance and full disclosure we’re going to talk we’re going to do this one a lot I think that we’re gonna I think we’re gonna have a real special and fun fight here That fight is is most certainly going to happen It’s really hard to say, you know when you’re pouring you’re breaking down a prediction, is that a big fight? Yeah, absolutely Do we like big fights yet? Do we anticipate you know, we do so as fans we got our money’s what we’re sold right there But then if you want to go a little bit further and start to make a prediction when I look at that fight I think Khabib kicks his ass I’ve always thought Khabib could kick his ass I always thought could be we just go take him down and beat him up I’m then confronted with the evidence that Chad Mendes also took him down but failed to beat him up I’m also confirmed with the evidence that I thought Jose Aldo Will go out there and expose Conor and beat him up I’m confronted with the fact that I thought Eddie Alvarez Was gonna go out there beat him up Even if I’m wrong on those there’s going to be a good and competitive and close match and in Connors you showed us, you know, The real question is how damn good is Conor McGregor? I don’t know The Jose a-although fight almost worked against him when you’re when you’re trying to sit down and give a guy is due, right Yeah, puts the belt around his waist yet solidifies his name in history. That’s true The Chad Mendes helped with that as well right the intern title. That’ll help Well, he beat Jose a so easy and so fast it was one of those matches where his cow You know, he got lucky good for him. He’s the champ He gets the belt he gets he gets the accolades but come on He got lucky and there is a piece of that when a guy is so dominant and so good You know I remember when John Jones had to go through this John Jones had Go beat seven or eight guys up like it was nothing before we all finally accepted it. Okay. There’s just a special talent here We thought he was just out there getting lucky over and over again Conor looked like that, but then he goes out the Eddie Alvarez fight got his hands behind his back He’s doing all this goofy stuff, and he looks so good at a different weight class and something Unheard I’ve never been done before Then a lot of us go you Know prove it again show us again. So it goes out there with Floyd Mayweather where he should have gotten destroyed Shoulda gotten destroyed to the point to the they never should have sanctioned that fight never should have even let that happen 49 and Oh against oh and oh, Goes out their whips Floyd’s ass round after round regardless of what those judges said round after round He was winning – employed 30 minutes to get him out of that Still did it put him down 30 minutes. Well, when you look at Conor you are left with the question Just how good is he? All right. I Do agree when you look at it? Yeah, it looks like khabib can keep up with his conditioning Could be a compression. Khabib can take him down keep him. There beat him up because we’ve seen compete with those things to so many other great guys, but We’ve seen Chad Mendes do it as well and Chad Mendes had a very very hard time keeping Conor down and I can’t tell you Why? some of those guys are slippery down there some of those guys just know how to move their hips some of those guys know how to turn into just and scramble and get back to their feet and You know, I’m just I’m not I’m not sure we know the answer to the question of how good Is Conor I’ll tell you right now. I think he’s head over his head My opinion doesn’t mean a damn thing when it comes to that guy


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  • I don't know what boxing match Chael watched but the one I watched I saw Floyd toying with Conor. Also how blatantly Chael ignored the Diaz fight.

  • khabib walks around at 195lbs. conor walks around at 170lbs. Big guy that cant fight vs. little guy with crazy hands. do the math

  • I think Khabib would beat him fair and square. But they want their moneyboy to win so Conor will still win. But Khabib will try to humiliate him as much as possible before, because he doesnt like to loose on purpose but will do it for the money a match against conor would produce.
    Just look at his latest interview: /watch?v=KGKpRwX06CI
    he is not that good at english yet so you can hear him slip sometimes.

  • Chad Medes was doing great until got tired, so one has to think if Chad had more than 12 days to train it’d could’ve of gone different.

  • Jonathan James says:

    Usually, I can figure out when Chael is lying…whenever he opens his mouth. But, I actually agree with his prediction on this. Khabib reminds me of a mini version of Fedor in his prime. He can hold his own anywhere, but ultimately, he is going to pressure you, smartly, and wear you down, and ground and pound you at will. So this is one of the few times I agree with you Chael.

  • Cardio will kill Conor. Hopefully his money has gotten him trainers that see his weak link. They need to beat his ass so he can last the whole fight if it goes that far

  • Conor = the midget killer. He has a puncher's chance AT BEST against Khabib. (Chael stop embarrassing yourself! Floyd vs Conor was WWE type theater. Floyd carried a no talent bum for entertainment purposes to take suckers' money with the marks being none the wiser)

  • Reyna Arellano says:

    Dude Chael Sonnen is such a god damn liar. "they never should have sanctioned that fight: Dude floyd was not going to kill mcgregor he held his hand through the entire fight.

  • This will be Connor/alverez all over again but quicker. Remember Johnson hitting and hurting khabib at will? Yeah well Connor lands and the fights over. He is to smart to follow him to the ground untill he has him in serious trouble. Late first round this fight will be over.

  • Kicked Mayweather's ass? Ha! Ha! Ha! The only thing the judges had to do with is was pulling Mayweather off of him causing the TKO.

  • Very insightful commentary. So many times people are so sure of an outcome that never manifests. Suffice to say that I am anticipating a great fight. Keep making these great videos.

  • Chael forgets that Nate Diaz whooped MacGregors ass and Nate Diaz would get mangled by Khabib. Hate to say it but MacGregor gets beat up badly by Khabib. Khabib is going to HURT Connor MacGregor for what MacGregor did in NYC !!!

  • Kelly Albertine says:

    Have an opinion. Here is mine.. Conor learned from Mayweather. Poise and consevation of energy. Conor has fast twitch muscles with a combo of power. Khabib is a relentless killer who would kill if he could legally. Conor is smart and precise. Khabib is reckless and won't stop. If Khabib catches Conor and takes home down, it's over. If Khabib is reckless with his stand up, Conor will lay him flat on his ass. Both are intelligent. THE Conor insults aren't going to work anymore. So that is a factor. Khabib is also fast. Conor gasses out at 3 rounds. Here is the dangerous part. If Conor doesn't take him out under 3, he will be destroyed by Khabib. The man is an animal and smart. But reckless with his stand up. Also "ring rust" from Conor – may or may not be a factor as he has significant training with Mayweather.

    Conor in 2 – stoppage.

  • We are all Human says:

    Anyway at the end coner will get his ass beat, we all keep forgetting that khabib has a great chin HE GOT KICKED WITH TWO SPINNING BACK KICKS FROM BARBOZA AND DIDN'T FLINCH, show me anyone who got hit by one of those accurately, that didn't get knocked out, lose their footing or do the chicken dance. ITS GONNA BE CONER VS NATE AGAIN, ONLY THIS TIME HE WON'T GET BITCH SLAPPED, HE WILL GET RAPPED

  • I stopped watching after the Floyd comment. Come on Chael are you serious. Floyd gave the fans an entertaining fight to Make up for the Pacquiao fight because a lot of Casuals who watched that fight thought it was boring. So he toyed with Conor and let Conor get in a few good shots and then he got him out of there.

  • allan beveridge says:

    He didn't get lucky chael , he wiped aldo out with precise punching .
    Tough fight with khabib but I reckon Connors been working quietly on his ground game whilst being out . We shall see m8

  • kahbib has never fought a true champion in ufc he has never been tested like Connor at least have some names under his belt I already know how good Connor is but how good is kahbib

  • Floyd was obviously toying with him the whole fight. There is no way that you really believe that he was wiping floyd's ass. I refused to believe that you are that stupid.

  • Khabib is a schmuck. Built up as hype for the Conor return and thats all.. The whole UFC is a joke at the moment with no real fighters. Ill show you what I mean when I get there Chael ill fucking tear through that company when I get my chance!!

  • I've heard a lot of stupid comments on youtube but "whips floyd's ass round after round" truly is the dumbest thing that I've ever heard. I literally cringed and had to stop listening to this imbecile after that. Floyd was 40 years old and retired 2 years prior. Floyd no longer had the speed or fast reaction times compared to his prime. Go look at footage of how fast he was when he fought Oscar or even Canelo. He just didn't have it anymore and he still just breezed through this fight. Let's also keep in mind that he's much smaller. He still just went in there and let Connor throw everything he had and forced Connor to tire himself out. Throughout 10 rounds Connor only landed one clean punch, and that was the slip uppercut, which did nothing to Floyd. When Connor was reaching the point of exhaustion, that's when Floyd started to unload on him. Floyd even tried to bet on himself to win in the 10th round by stoppage, which is the round he won in. The referee saw that Connor was in trouble and that there was the potential for him to seriously get hurt if he didn't stop that fight. If you're completely exhausted and someone as skilled as Floyd starts unloading on you, it's not an exaggeration to say that this could have been a life-threatening massacre. That referee saved Connor from what could have a been a truly horrible end. I don't even like Floyd, but I respect the skill, and the way that he tired Connor out and then finished him. But I need to say it just one more time – Connor was lucky the referee stopped the fight when he did.

  • You are so full of shit ! Floyd was a safe bet! He wasn't going to take Connor out early everybody knew that. That's how he got a undefeated record by studying his opponent and taking him out in later rounds. Floyd is not a ko but he still KO'd Connor when he decided he really wanted too. It was a Joke Fight for Mega Money!

  • One other thing Chael that you didn't cover here. Connor ran from khabib and Tony til he saw basicly an almost unranked stun him in a tough fight. lol 2nd thing Connor fights big names but only if they are Midgets with a short reach, fact! You see what happened when he fought Nate! Not so sure Nate didn't win the second fight too?

  • Im calling bs chael. The judge stopped floyd from knocking conor out of the ring. Also, if your admitting that your opinion doesnt mean anything when it comes to " that guy" . Why tell us …?

  • wow……did he just say that connor beat floyd round after round….HA! wow floyd is a showman he could have slid connor in round 1 and put his ass to sleep but he wanted people to get their monies worth n the fact connor was that much bigger looking and couldn't hurt Floyd is just pathetic dude his punches are shit.

  • Yeah floyds strategy was to get hit the the face haaaaaaaaa cmon man Connor shouldn't have touched mayweather but he did 1 hundred and 11 times lol

  • What about all his other wins then. Eddie Alvarez. U do t get lucky that many times. U tit. Jealousy will get u nowhere.

  • Nurmagomedov will crumble just like Chad Mendes did

    Nurmagomedov got hit in every one of his 26 bouts. McGregor has a huge reach advantage over him

  • Nigel Frrrunkis says:

    If connor can catch kahbib coming in a stun him he might have a chance. If kahbib gets ahold of Connor it's most likely all over. Let's hope connor have crazy stamina coming into this fight

  • Hahahaha!!! Conor beat Mayweather every round??? OMG!! I'm doing from laughing so hard look I hate Mayweather probably more then I do Conor but there is no way and I mean… NO WAY!!! that Conor beat him round after round… You've taken too many shots to the chael!!! LMAO!!! 😂😂😂

  • RainyDay Libosen says:

    Every time we expect the opponent of Conor to have the advantage and beat him but Conor seems to have all the answers and make it look easy except for the Nate fight

  • I think using Chad Mendes' performance against Connor as any sort of measure is foolish. Chad is a 5'4" featherweight AMERICAN wrestler who fought Connor on short notice, who was still able to take Connor down and land significant damage. Khabib is a 5'10" lightweight RUSSIAN sambo fighter, who purportedly walks around at a similar weight to GSP, who has never lost a round in his career, who has a good chin, and the best ground and pound in the UFC.

  • TKO saved McTapOut from brain damage.Floyd was about to seriously hurt him He better stay on his feet or he gets Mualed by Khabib. I give him a punchers chance. Khabib chocks him out in 3rd round.

  • Smedly Dumpsterjuice says:

    Chad had a 12 day mini camp for Conor. Conor, the bigger fighter, still could not KO Chad until he gases at the end of the 3rd rd. Conor couldn't KO Nate, and Nate didn't have enough ass to KO Conor, and Nate was ranked #8 as a LW.

  • That is a good assessment by Chael, there is a lot good points to consider, on the ground Khabib is a monster , his stand up is good but I give it to Connor there, gas is Khabib's but who cares if Connor times him and he ko's him, mental game is Connors (Khabib is very tough but I see Connor digging deep on that department), Connor has those long arms that Ko's guys and I can see this as a huge advantage if this goes to a standing fight which Khabib won't let it happen if he is smart, is up to Connor to weather the take downs and huge pressure the eagles puts on his opponents, I stopped doubting Connor (Diaz did had his number) and Khabib looked great on his last fight, I give it to Connor by a small margin, I can see him seeing Khabib's openings and overcome this huge challenge, no I'm not a fan of either, I just love the fighting game and this is just my 2 cents.

  • “If I had to make a quick [prediction] now, I’d probably say round three or round four, Khabib TKOs him. Just ground pound, taking him down, beating on him and the referee stops it“His stand up has gone through the roof,”“He’s going to have some tricks up his sleeve on Oct. 6th, that’s all I’m going to say.”Former SBG fighter Myles Price(Former SBG fighter Myles Price helps Khabib Nurmagomedov for UFC 229)

  • Why do U think Floyd had a Robbers Mask on and a Gold X on his Outfit. Robbery in the 10th. Floyd went to put a 400,000 bet on himself but wasn’t allowed bc he was Promoting it so he had his friends make multiple Bets.
    The fight went exactly as Planned. Floyd let Conor hit him for 7 rds straight without throwing shots then ended it when he wanted to. He could of taken Conor out whenever he wanted. Don’t be fooled.
    Floyd planned 5 3 minute rds then knew Conor would gas out !

  • trying to downplay floyd? Floyd was about to knock conor ass the fuck out and he'd STILL be down lol. that ref SAVED his career and dignity !!! Floyd was about to lay him down brutally.

  • It’s best if Chael keeps peoples names out of his mouth. Whomever Chael predicts as winner will always loose. So it’s good that Chael is vague. Please don’t make a definitive prediction Chael.

  • I would bet one of the conditions of the Mayweather McGregor fight was Floyd can't lose.
    Conor agreed to this and was paid to lose. The fight looked very fake.

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