Karate Inspiration – Go live your dreams

Karate Inspiration – Go live your dreams

People ask me: “Why don’t you have steady job?” People ask me: “What do you do every morning?” People tell me: “If you had a steady job you could have bought a house.” People tell me “We understand you have dreams, but you are not a kid anymore?” So what do I think? I think words cannot describe my thoughts…. I would just like them see….


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  • Shalom Eli, I am Dmitry Domnin, friend if Roman Rayev, ex IDF, Golani sort of unit. I live in Canada for so many years that it might seems like I shouldn't value all those events and my brotherhood, but it's absolutely opposite. We are who we are and it is forever. You have found relatively recently your pathway and realize who you really are, then you are just made your life vital meaning steps. Probably non of us such brave enough to do so yet. So Mazal Tov for being free and yourself!!!

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