This drum right here, perfectly
illustrates how to use your hips in karate. Because we all know that it’s
important to use your hips in karate. However, most of us don’t really know why
or how to properly twist the hips – also known as “koshi wo hineru” in Japanese. In today’s video I want to explain more. Follow me. There are two main positions
that your hips can have in karate. The first is known as “shomen”.
Number one. S, H, O, M, E, N. Shomen is when you position your hips straight, square on
right to the front and that’s what the word shomen actually means; to the front.
The second way to position your hip is known as “hanmi” which means half facing
body, and that’s when you move this way instead of this way. H, A, oh sorry, N, M, I. Hanmi. Biomechanically speaking these two positions are nothing but internal
and external hip rotation. You see the hip is the primary mechanism through
which acceleration reaches its potential. In fact, in biomechanics we call it that
primary engine of the body – because it drives force and power throughout your
limbs. And so, if you don’t understand how to use your hip properly, your techniques
will be weak; like a car without an engine. Now check out this exercise to
understand how to use your hips. All right, so for this exercise all you need is a
stick, a short stick, and now we’re going to practice shomen and hanmi, the two hip
positions but instead of being in a unilateral stance trying to open and
close the hips we’re going to be standing parallel like this just to make
it easier. And now all I want, is for you to put the stick in front of you and
hold it firmly. And now from this position, try to twist your hips
but without moving the stick like this That’s a bad example. I want you to try
to isolate your hip but keep the stick still. This way. If you understand how to
properly do this exercise you will be able to then integrate your hip into any
movement to make it a natural part in the kinetic chain, that sequence of
timing whenever you do a technique – a block strike stance or kick. And that’s
it for today guys. I hope this video better helps you understand why the hips
are so important in karate, how to position them properly, shomen and hanmi,
and now finally how to practice that hip rotation using this stick exercise. But
remember, it’s all about being like the drum. Because these hips don’t lie.
Now leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions. Good luck,
train hard and have fun!


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