Jujitsu Grappling Techniques : Jujitsu: Spinal Wipe Takedown

Jujitsu Grappling Techniques : Jujitsu: Spinal Wipe Takedown

Here’s the last finish from the head and arm
control, this one I call the spinal wipe. So here in your added arm control position,
and you don’t want to waste a lot of energy, you can use you know some scientific reasoning
to take a guy down. You don’t always got to be a super strong wrestler. It’s a spinal
wipe. You’re going to hit his spine with the palm of your hand and run it on down his spine,
take his leverage away and arch his back. Remember, if he’s bending backwards he has
no power. So I’m going to do a slap and wipe. Wow, how simple was that? And this guy is
a tough fighter, weights about a hundred and seventy pounds. You take the palm, wipe to
the spine, and wipe it down, and that’s going to arch his back. So you’re here, wipe. And
then he’s just shoving down with your shoulder, finish him off. So spinal, get him arching
back, wipe, and then shove your shoulder forward, arch his head, take him down. Full speed we’re
in here, wipe him down and go on your way. That’s the last technique to the head and
arm triangle, I hope you enjoyed the spinal wipe. And the next technique you’re going
to learn is the standing guillotine choke.


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