Judo – Throwing the competition out!

Judo – Throwing the competition out!

Judo is a self defense sports originated from
Japan The two main area for Judo are
STANDING TECHNIQUE and ON THE GROUND Judo has no punching and kicking except for
self defense Scores are based on the throw on their opponent
The overall scores will decide the winner Judo was the first martial arts introduced
to Olympic Games in 1965 Today millions are doing judo around the world I’m at SA Judo with Mr Teng I’m here to learn a few tricks
should I be afraid? I have two students for you Hi Nathan, I’m going to show you the first
throw O SOTO GARI This is how you do O SOTO GARI First grab the collar and sleeves
left leg step
in pull your partner close to you
Use your right leg push and sweep


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