Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Judo Pins

Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Judo Pins

Now, if you’re watching this video, you might
or not be a competitor, but if you are indeed a competitor, I want you to know if you’re
not aware that a pin has a certain requirement. You can’t win a match with a pin of twenty-five
seconds. However, you need to realize that a pin is not just covering the person but
covering them the right way. If my leg or any other part of my body, lower body that
is, is between her legs, this is not a pin. This is not a pin. A pin has to have bottom
and legs outside of her guard. This right here is a pin. If I put my hands between her
legs even just like this, this is still a pin. This is a side pin. Kesaigatame. Lower
inside position. Kesaigatame on the other side. And the full mount, just like this,
if you insert your legs and spread them out this is still a pin. Point being is as long
as you are away from her guard and there’s not even a half guard, then you are safe and
not only that but you are pinning the opponent. And you have to make sure both shoulders are
down the mat. If she were to turn around and face completely down, you might be covering
your opponent but you are not pinning your opponent. Rules state that both shoulders
need to be down. Now you’re wondering how is this useful in a self-defense position,
turn around please, it is said that if you hold down an opponent long enough in a pin,
their desire to fight will go away. And this has been proven, personally I’ve seen it,
you hold down the opponent, after a time if they notice that there’s nothing they can
do to you, there’s no real point in continuing the fight, and their anger will subside.


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