Judo Rant #1: Don’t F#%king Lie About Judo or Fighting!

Judo Rant #1: Don’t F#%king Lie About Judo or Fighting!

Hey guys, Preston here with another episode
of Grappler Going Abroad. If I’m a little bit sniffly, it’s because I’m getting over
a cold. But today, I want to address something that’s really fucking annoying. Lying about
your competition record or lying about how good you are at fighting because of your martial
art. It’s been happening a lot recently in the martial arts circles that I run with.
When I was younger, I had that whole tough guy attitude about doing Judo and Wrestling.
One thing I never did is lie about my competition record, I owned every loss I had. But I would
inflate my ability to fight because of my background in Judo and Wrestling, and then
I grew up because no one gives a shit about how good you are in a bar fight. I’ve been
seeing a lot recently, people talking about “Oh yeah, I went to the bar and I dumped this
dude with Tai-Otoshi when he took a swing at me for talking to his girlfriend.” Like
that doesn’t make you fucking cool, man. One, you know for a fact that he’s lying about
this, because shit like that doesn’t really happen when you go to the bar, for the most
part. I don’t know what bars you’re going to, but when I go to the bar, you know, one
I’m not in people’s fucking business and, you know, making myself a spectacle or put
cross-hairs on my head the second I walk in that door. That’s the reason why I’m saying
lying about your fighting ability because I’ve never experienced, my friends have never
experienced that, you know. Anytime there has been an altercation at the bar is after
I’ve been there for a few hours and people are shitty drunk and they don’t know how to
control themselves. In terms of lying about your competition record, and how good you
are in the sport that you’re competing in, you know, that shit catches up with you, man.
Like, don’t fucking lie about your competition record because you tell that to the wrong
person, next thing you know, you’re in a competition, and the person you told that to is watching
you and you get dumped by a kid who is 2, 3 belt ranks under you and they’re sitting
there looking at you saying “What are you talking about man, I thought you were good.”
It’s better to be humble about how good you are in your sport, even if you win a lot,
even if you’re really good. You know, you’re a national place-winner, you know, you have
national level points. You know, you shouldn’t tell people that. Let them figure out for
themselves how good you are. Let your competition record speak for you instead of you having
to speak for your competition record, you know what I mean? This is another thing that
drives me up the wall, when people talk about how they’re the fucking big dog in their dojo.
Who cares? Like, how good you are within your club has no relevance outside your club, so
why are you telling me how you’re the regulator in your club. I get thrown like everyone else,
alright? That’s a fact of doing Judo, is that you may think you’re the fuckin’ big dog in
your dojo and everything, but everyone gets thrown. Everyone does, everyone gets thrown
by people who are bigger than them, stronger than them, faster than them, and people get
thrown by people who are weaker than, smaller than them and people who have less rank than
they do. It doesn’t matter. Judo is a free for all, alright? You can be really good and
have national level points and be awesome and still get dumped on your head by someone
who is not as good, it doesn’t matter. It’s the great equalizer. End of rant, don’t fucking
lie about how good you are at your sport, at judo, don’t fucking lie about how you’re
the big dog at your dojo, you know, club player rankings mean NOTHING in the real world, it
means nothing in the competition world, so why is it worth bringing up, and don’t lie
about how good you are in a bar fight. Thank you for listening to my rant today. I don’t
normally do this, but I’ve been seeing this a lot recently and I need to address it for
my own sanity. If you like my content, please like, share, comment. If you want to see more
content, please subscribe. My name is Preston, and this has been Grappler Going Abroad.


2 thoughts on “Judo Rant #1: Don’t F#%king Lie About Judo or Fighting!”

  • when i was taking tang soo do our instructor told us not to tell anyone we took martial arts because it could get you attacked.
    of course we were mostly teenagers so fights were more likely than now as adults

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