Judo Olympic Champion Rosalba Forciniti Cooks with Chef Heinz Beck | Transform My Meal

Judo Olympic Champion Rosalba Forciniti Cooks with Chef Heinz Beck | Transform My Meal

Her name’s Rosalba and she comes from a small
village in southern Italy. She’s not just
physically strong, she also has a cast-iron
determination. It all comes
from sweat and hard work. There is no “I can’t do it”,
“I don’t want to do it”. There is only
great determination in everything we do
and a desire to make it. It may not look it, but I bet this dish is
on the flavourless side. All experiences in life are
useful. Got it, Rosalba! We’re gonna introduce
you to Heinz Beck, the Julius Caesar
of Italian chefs who’s gonna teach you some quick and easy
meal-making tips! Welcome to Transform My Meal. Judo has saved me. It has certainly made me
a better person. It has shown me
the importance of work. It showed me sacrifice and did not weigh heavy on me. I am Rosalba Forciniti.
I am 30 years old. My favourite sport is judo.
I do judo. My most important medal
dates back to four years ago, the last Olympics, in London… ..where I earned myself
a bronze medal. The next morning,
when I woke up, I thought it had all been
a dream, that I had won this
fantastic medal. But when I opened the drawer
and saw the medal there, I was slapping myself to say
“I’m awake! I’m really awake!”. We know that an athlete’s diet
is tough. Why is that? Because you have to come
into a weight category. If you don’t come into it, if you’re 52 kg and 20 grams,
you’re out. Wow.
So what do you cook, then? One of my specialities
is Mediterranean-style cod. How would you like Heinz Beck
to help you out today? Yes, I’d like to ask him this. I’d like to ask him how to do
Mediterranean-style cod. A new way of doing it. A good question.
I have a good question for him. Before Heinz answers that,
we’d be interested to know exactly what toll this sport
takes on your body. It must be a heavy one.
Let’s see. (NUTRITIONAL FACTS) Don’t be misled
by her angelic looks. Rosalba Forciniti
is pure strength. Like any good judoka, her body contains little fat
and lots of muscle mass, enabling her to make agile,
explosive movements. In order to beat her opponents, Rosalba has to train
both her concentration and her strength and stamina, so she needs to follow
a carbohydrate-rich diet. She also has to pay special
attention to hydration so as not to lose weight and to stop her body losing
the ability to dissipate heat. Moreover, replenishing liquids helps reduce
the risk of injury. Being a woman, Rosalba has to regularly eat
meals rich in iron. Food like this helps her
to keep her energy levels high. She also needs vitamin D, to balance out the fact
that she trains indoors and she doesn’t get
much sun exposure. Rosalba, what you got there? Meat? Fish? Difficult to say. Drop that fork and come with us
to the hilltop restaurant of the Julius Caesar of Italian
chefs – Heinz Beck! Let’s go! Rome, the eternal city, the capital of Italy, where beauty, culture
and history collide. The magic Coliseum and
Emperor Titus’ Arch are just a couple of the things
that make this a perfect place to live, as this German chef
knows only too well. It’s here, on a hill
overlooking the city that he has set up his very
own gastronomic monument. It’s too difficult to sum up
his illustrious career here, so let’s see a few
quotes from Heinz. (I AM HALFWAY BETWEEN
OR VEGETABLES) I specialise in light, healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Lunchtime must, in any case,
be a pleasure. And just how do we get
that pleasure? Through a careful choice of
ingredients and cooking styles, I can prepare lunches
that are easy to digest. Perfect, but today you’re gonna
have a very special client. Rosalba is an athlete who has
to follow a very strict diet. I have a great many athletes who come to eat dinner in my
restaurant in the evening. They come in, they eat
and they are happy. Pretty tasty, our little
programme, isn’t it, chef? I think that this is
a very good idea. Now we need to see what
Rosalba has brought for me. Then I’ll take a look
at her lunch and see how we can make it
a little tastier. Ready! We’re going to meet
Rosalba. Show her in! Rosalba, I’m very pleased
to meet you. Hello. How do you do? Rosalba, don’t shake
his hand too hard, we need his fingers
in one piece. We haven’t started yet! Chef, I have a big problem
here. Look. OK, let’s see what we have
here. Is this your diet? Yes. OK, it’s a little sad
but let’s see what we can do. At least the flavour
isn’t too bad. – It isn’t?
– No, no. Will you help me? I think it’s a good base
for a very good dish. – Yay!
– Let’s start. – Let’s start then!
– Let’s start. (HAKE ON A BED OF
MEDITERRANEAN PERFUMES) I brought some vegetables,
fish… for a recipe based
on what you brought for me. Cut it all up
into small pieces. OK, go on, then. Let’s get to work. So chef, I’m curious. When you go on a picnic, if you do go on picnics, what do you take
in your basket? I take a good bottle
of champagne or some cool wine. OK, no dessert? – Fresh fruit.
– Fresh fruit. But do you have
a favourite dessert? Tiramisù. Me too! Can you cut this
into cubes too, – slightly larger than these?
– Me? Yes, you did the potato. Rosalba, what about you? When did you start sport
and when did you start judo? I started out
as a chef aged eight. Yes, but why did you choose
to do this? Did you have someone in your
family or a friend who did it? Because in the town
I grew up in, there was only one gym and that
was all that was on offer. Fate. There’s only
one gym in the town, it only does judo and you
become a champion. Fantastic. We prepare the sauce for
the vegetables by heating the tomatoes on a low flame so they don’t lose
their goodness. But what was the first dish
you cooked as a child? As a child?
I didn’t want to be a chef. I wanted to be a painter. So my first dish
came late in life, when I started working
in the kitchen. My first dish was an apple
strudel, a dessert. Rosalba, will you
peel this for me? No, I can’t, chef.
I don’t know how to peel that. OK, not to worry. We peel the pepper and chop up
the courgettes and the olives. (COURGETTES HAVE ZERO CALORIES
FOR THE ORGANISM) – What’s your favourite dish?
– I love pasta. Pasta in all shapes and sizes. I love it with tomato. Tortellini-shaped pasta.
Mmm… Pure art! I’m going to put
the olive oil on the fish. Just the amount of oil you need to stop it sticking to the pan. Good tip, chef! Noted! (HAKE IS A VERY LIGHT,
WHITE FISH,) (PERFECT FOR WEIGHT CONTROL) We’re gonna cook the vegetables
slowly with the tomato sauce. Let’s get our dish ready. To plate it up, we place the
fish on a bed of vegetables. And the final touch –
fresh herbs. Look how we started today. Rosalba had the nerve
to show chef Heinz Beck her cold, tasteless,
white fish. But with a little team-work,
victory was guaranteed. The same ingredients,
different results. A really tasty hake on a bed of aromatic
Mediterranean vegetables. Mission accomplished! – With vegetables, right?
– Of course. Herbs. And you’ll see
that the herb too, now you’ve eaten it
with this very fresh herb, which I’ll give you more of,
it opens up your taste buds and allows you to savour the
individual flavours even more. Wonderful.
You’ve really helped. – Can I give you a hug?
– Yes, of course! Rosalba!
We said hug him, not mug him! – Thank you!
– My pleasure!


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