Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do Judo Sweeps

Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do Judo Sweeps

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard
Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you beginners
judo. This next clip we are going to concentrate on sweeps. The first sweep we learn in judo
is called Deashi Harai and it is a very easy sweep but it is very effective when somebody
is standing in the wrong position. Now we are going to show it first of all we get our
grips, or legs are in front, and if you slightly come in a little bit forward with his leg
I sweep. Now remember there is no kicking it is not a kick it is more of a sweep, more
of a sweep. And in judo we have something called kuzushi which is the breaking of the
balance of your opponent. So when I see his foot in front and I want to sweep it I usually
break the balance and sweep.


61 thoughts on “Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do Judo Sweeps”

  • jeroen uijlen says:

    cool:) also usefull for karate competitions..only there you can't grap someonde you just have to sweep them

  • If you're serious about your self defence, and you arent getting attacked because of you provoking someone-if you are, just don't pick on the fat kid- when he "swings like king kong- step inside of him and swing. duck on him, keep your hands up, and move alot. if possible, get away though. the best fights are the ones that don't happen.

  • actually no thanks fo you richard because you are a disgrace to judo. your technique is horrible. you know nothing about judo

  • eh ahi rapaz!! Seriamente alguem esta-te enxendo o saco na escola? Vc ta ja na universidade? Eu levei muita porrada nos promeiros nove anos de escola. IT SUCKED!! Em que parte do Brasil vc ta? Vc sabe quem o Jelly Bean? Procura videos dele. Eh um gordao que faz box. Tenha cuidado tem muito gordinho que eh foda na luta

  • why are you supposing that it only works if the guy holds onto Tori's shoulder? You can do it perfectly without the use of your hands. It's just a demonstration for beginners. :S

  • Billdozer Experience says:

    90% of the time, if you're in a fight with someone who has no formal training, their first intstinct is to "push" you at your torso. When that happens, this technique can and should be employed. It has NOTHING to do with ANYONE being gay. God, grow the fuck up!

  • nice almost doesn't matter. i took down my older brother and hes about 40 centimeters higher than me. you just stand like a dork and look up at the person. i felt it like that

  • muay thai is awesome but as for bjj(i'm really afriad for that stuff because of the whole on the ground factor if you have some free time please tell me how to stay off the ground?

  • Need to talk about timing – sweeping just before weight is shifted to the leading foot. Need to mention cupping your foot and sweeping below the ankle. Need to teach throws moving not static – even to beginners. Need to break it down to kuzushi/tsukuri/kake. Need to discuss greater exposure of uke's foot when he is moving backwards, rather than stepping forward.

  • Judo has plenty of submission holds; mostly locks and strangles. An experienced judoka can hold his/her own on the ground easily.

  • Brazilian jiu-jutsu is great for ground fighting 1 v 1. But as soon as he has one or two friends, and your roling around on the ground, there just gonna come in and kick you in the head. People never attack alone anymore.

  • Yes, If you train in anything long enough you can use it well in any situation i guess. I can see where you are coming from with the flying armbar and then engage the second guy. Just as with judo you cound throw them onto the concrete and smash there spine. I'm pretty sure that would stop them as well.

    Peace to you.

  • its simple, for self defence 1 on 1 a grappling art would probably be better but if its you vs say 3 guys then a striking one would be better, striking ones can work just as well as grappling when its 1 vs 1

  • @dinoiscoolio1 LOL, wow yes, because you can get that one guy and brake his arm before the other guy brakes your face. it is very unpractical. with judo, one good flip can knock the wind out of him, leaving him unable to fight, for a little while anyways.

  • motherofallevos says:

    i have done judo for 42 years along the way ju jitsu /street systems/kick boxing and a few others and if you done any of these sports you would
    respect all fighting sports and if you say getting thrown don't hurt then you have never trained at any club i have trained at.

  • he forgot to point out that if you are practicing this with someone, when you get thrown down, slam your left arm out.

  • @FightersOnlyMagazine Yes, and being thrown by someone who knows how to throw is painful the the following three days after you have been too.

  • @wyvren1990 Wait … hes trying to attack you, you should tell someone. And that makes more sense, but i dont think a couple of vids would help, you should prob do some training. lol

  • ooh so i have to break his balance first..i learn tkd but when i tried the sweep at my partner's legs, i ended up kicking too higher than the side of the foot and couldn't make him fall…

  • I don't get it. How the hell could you possibly execute this without keeping great focus on the person footwork in a fight…thats the last thing I want to focus on.

  • XHesterXPrynnX says:

    It's my belief from seeing many fights that ogoshi and o soto gari are the most useful judo throws in street fights due to the fact that a lot of the time you and your opponent will be very close together, especially if you're turtling up guarding an onslaught of haymakers. once your head is down close to their chest is the perfect tile to grab them and slam the shit out of them. Then again, I try to avoid confrontations and have yet to have the chance to employ this in a street fight so…

  • robert trump says:

    @ght52 & others who seem to be doubting the effectiveness of judo. my dad use to do judo so I know a few things about it.. One thing about it is is done so much faster than it was in this video the whole point is to catch someone off guard. It takes alot of practice to get good and although it looks like it would only work in the martial arts setting these guys are not somebody that would be easy to beat in any setting. Try spinning around alot if your not use to it you get dizzy your eyes take

  • Not only do you reply 3 years late to bash the negative comment
    but your comment doesn't even make sense
    You're saying it in hopes to get likes

  • This is very interesting considering I actually am aiming to become an MMA fighter, but at the same time I don't know too much Judo, I've only taken taekwondo classes when I was younger so this is very helpful.

  • It is hard to move forward with your left leg if you have a right-hand stance/grip. Notice blue has white's left side making him lean forward and take a right-leg forward stance.

    If the grips were reversed, just sweep with the right foot.

    If blue was stepping left with a right grip… you sweep his left with your left, trying to catch him more on the heal and extending his leg straight forward. His weight moves forward and with no leg he goes down on his rear 'sitting'. Wiki "Kouchi gari"

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