Judo for Kids : Foot Sweep in Judo for Children

Judo for Kids : Foot Sweep in Judo for Children

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Angel
Perez with the Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida and we would be teaching judo for
kids. For the next demonstration I will be using my junior assistant Hector he would
be helping on show you how to throwing techniques. First one we would do is Deashi Harai it is
a sweep a foot sweep. Stand back, very simple, very easy, you turn, to the side of the foot
that you are going to be sweeping him with. One more time and you always hold on never
let go of the grip. Now they would demonstrate in real time you are going to step back with
your left foot, step forward, and sweep.


7 thoughts on “Judo for Kids : Foot Sweep in Judo for Children”

  • SlugDropsonheads says:

    @mew6112 every throw has a counter… but this throw will work… Watch the highlight video of Koga (world champion) he used this throw successfully in black belt competition

  • Hi expert village,
    I expected more support of the judoka for the landing. Two hands on the sleeve is standard in judo for breakfalls, and also to maintain your posture of vertical spine, so you dont get pulled down into a compromising position and ground game by the thrower, that the stances you show are weak to. Please review this method.

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