Joint taekwondo stage by South Korean and North Korean demonstrators

Joint taekwondo stage by South Korean and North Korean demonstrators

Today’s special show up North by the South
Korean visitors was made extra special by its finale. The icing on the cake was a joint taekwondo
demonstration by athletes from both sides. Lee Ji-won has the highlights from that display
of unity. South Korea’s team of Taekwondo demonstrators,
now in the North,… gave their second and final performance Monday afternoon at the
Pyongyang Grand Theater. It started at 4 p.m…. in front of a North
Korean audience of around thousand two hundred people,… including Choe Hwi, the chairman
of the North’s National Sports Guidance Committee and a number of high-level North Korean taekwondo
and sport officials. First up was South Korea’s World Taekwondo
team,… with a flashy show about 30 minutes long,… followed by some 100 martial artists
from North Korea’s International Taekwon-Do Federation for another half an hour. The highlight of Monday’s show was the short
but meaningful collaboration by the two sides, which lasted about 2 minutes. It was their first time to put on a show together
in Pyongyang. Though the moves were simple and basic, the
two teams displayed harmony and synchronization, just like they did at the PyeongChang Winter
Olympics in February. And the North Korean crowd gave them some
big cheers. Meanwhile, South Korean pop musicians in the
North were preparing for their next concert scheduled for Tuesday. Then they’ll be performing alongside North
Korean musicians, and Monday they were reportedly discussing how to arrange the lineup. The 190-member South Korean delegation, including
the martial artists, will return to Seoul together after Tuesday’s concert. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.


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