Japanese and Australian Judo Camp

Japanese and Australian Judo Camp

This week at the AIS we’ve got the national Japan junior judo team here. Japan is the number 1 Judo nation in the world. Judo in Japan is just like cricket is in Australia, it’s absolutely massive. And they have amazing population of athletes there. And they’ve come to the AIS to train with our athletes, our Australian Judoka. And their having top quality training, they’re having sport science and sport medicine experiences and support. And their getting some really unique experiences unique to the AIS combat centre, with our relationship between us and the Australian special forces military. About a year ago when the Japanese group came to visit the AIS. They were scouting to look at what are the things that we could offer that’s unique to them, that they haven’t seen before. And the combat centre’s relationship with the special forces from the Australian military, is a really unique way of training our athletes… That they just hooked into and were absolutely fascinated by. It works on the mind as well as the body. Looking at the combat mind set that the athletes can adopt from that kind of training and put directly onto the training mat and the competition mat. I have a background in the military for over 25 years. I was a commando in the special forces and I have been doing martial arts all my life. I have accumulated 6 black belts, including Judo. What the Japanese are taking from the military style training is a way that you can morally toughen up your athletes without injury. So there’s a couple of countries that will toughen their athletes, and use pain as a way to develop strong mind set, but that pain then leaves them with injury. What were doing is we have pain but through physical effort, and when the pain stops there is no injury. So you still have the same effect on the combat mindset, but minus pain. It’s always good to have various experience for the younger athletes. To expose different situations The Olympics is kind of high pressure. So you need to overcome this kind of high pressure with this military training. It’s really important for Australia to embrace relationship with Japan the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 games. Because they’re a very close nation to us, geographically. Really close in the same time zone, there’s a lot of opportunities for exchange of knowledge. And their system for sports science and sports medicine, and coaching is improving all the time and becoming more and more sophisticated. Their are things for us to learn and to gain from the relationship, and equally things for them to gain as well. We are excited, as we are hosting the Olympics in 2020. Our aim is that other participants will get the medal at the Olympics. We can learn from Australia in terms of integrating sports science and coaching. We saw that they’re collecting evidence during coaching and recovery programs.


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  • I wouldn't say Japan is "REALLY" close goegraphically to Australia but they are in the same time zone as the east coast of Australia.

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