JACKIE CHAN Shows You How to Fight with Random Objects

JACKIE CHAN Shows You How to Fight with Random Objects

(upbeat music) – Duster, this good for comedy. You can turn it around here. Hurt people with it,
you see? Hurting people. Or somehow you grab me
maybe I just gonna dust here then he do that achoo then after
achoo maybe I just do this. See it hurts. Boom, ah. In the bathroom, the bathroom is good. He might grab me somehow
he grab me then I push away his hand he just like grab like this and then I just ah!Bonk, Ow! Right? He comes as soon as the
‘ow’ and then I just boom. Ah! Just like that, pow pow. Then somehow broke, then
I just crash like this. Then pow! Then coming back, then boom he’s out, then I put it back put back
on the toilet and go away. (flushing sound) I think somehow this is good. You grab something, you put
it on the face just like this then he try to – they try
to grab you know grab this then you boom, he try to
grab grab grab there this Take this side take this,
grab here, grab here, it’s a look it’s a look, (singing) somehow if it’s longer then I
can, it goes right here, boom. Grab even longer, grab
grab, yah yah yah, boom. And go away. (whistle) That’s how I fight, how I create. Whatever they give to me then I fight. Even I can fight with this. (laughing)


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